new string help!!

I’ve recently purchased the Speeder 2 and got on quite well with it straight away. I’m still using the narrower bearing (not the wider speed bearing) as I’m a little out of practice!

The problem i have is this…

I was using the stock string and had no real problems with it, got on well doing some easier string tricks and it was binding quite easily without having to do proper binds (due to narrower bearing). Since changing the string for a “Ham-stringz Type 12” i’ve found that it is alot less reliable in binding (unless i do a proper bind) and it seems to “drag” as im doing the string tricks and slows the spin massively compared to the stock string.

Have I made a basic error here somewhere? Using the wrong string? Just looking for some advice as it has bound a few times mid trick now somehow and im getting sore knuckles!!

Thanks in advance.

Swap out to the wider bearing and you should be fine. It won’t be tug responsive anymore, but it sounds like you know how to bind.

The narrow bearing is for tug responsive play. The SPEED bearing is for unresponsive play.

It ain’t the string although the Hamstring Type 12 is a bit “thick”, but if you swap the bearing, all should be good.

Thanks for the fast reply. Will give that a go. ;D

The timing worked out. Glad I can be of assistance.

Most likely the reason it became unresponsive isn’t caused from the change in string, but more likely caused by the lube breaking down in the bearing. If you want to keep playing responsive (tug to return) I would recommend dropping a bit of thick lube in the bearing.

If you feel like trying your hand at some unresponsive play just simply follow studio42’s advice and happy binding. :slight_smile:

update and a thank you

Changed to the speed bearing and its all working fine now. Didnt want to say this in original post because I assumed people would probably change their replies because of it but…when I said I was a little out of recently purchased…I got it today and also about being out of practice…I meant 12 years ago! Not touched one since I was at school hehe.

Anyhoo, first night back on it and I’ve got binding down with the speed bearing fine now (plus a few string tricks for the fun of it). It has all come back to me and to be honest, I’m probably better now than I was then! Praise the benefits of online tutorials and forums that I didnt have access to back then!

Thanks for ya help all, now to learn some more!! :smiley:

Don’t get Hamstring. Get more reliable string like poly.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Hamstring. I’ve gotten a few from buying Terrapin X Bearings. I haven’t used them yet, but I’ve got an increasing pile of them and I know I’m going to be getting quite a few more.(both Hamstrings and Terrapin X Bearings)

This. I don’t like hamstring either. It is kind of sticky and it catches on my hands and allways slips on binds for me. I just don’t like it at all. It’s ok but nothing special, especially for going fast it is very bad.

I would have to agree. Don’t get me wrong, hamstring is a very high quality string, but for me personally it is a bit sticky and slow. I’m not sure what your skill level is but i would go with something a bit slicker, Especially if you are doing responsive play. Give something like Chaos 422, or Toxic a try.

Thank goodness there’s so many different kinds of string!

I was examining the Hamstrings and these are different than most of the other strings i have. These seem to be very purpose build and instead of using different threads, it’s just one larger spun thread.

Yeah that’s kinda what it looks like to me too. It’s always so perfectly twisted. Every single string. I like it, just not as a regular use string. Its fun when im doing slower flowy and slack kinda stuff. I prefer the Markmont dragon string though over everything. :slight_smile:

It’s so hard to tell what strings are good for what purpose just from a picture when purchasing!!

I bought the hamstrings as a quick set of 10 replacements as they were not too expensive (incase they weren’t very good). Does anybody have a link or know of a good place that has a string comparison / reviews all in one place so someone new to this can get a good idea of what might suit them?

So much to learn for such a small thing :-\

i find that hamstring is great for whips and slack tricks. i could not get revolutions for my life so i switched the cotton string (left over from when i first started throwing) for a hamstring and i got it on my first try

If anybody has any extra hamstring i would be willing to take it(string-4-string or cash I suppose)

I know Big Cat usually does this, but… S-S-SUPAH NECRO!

But why don’t you try the bst? I think I may have saw somebody saying the were sponsered by Hamstring and now they are selling a lot of extra string they have.

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Oh jeez, I didnt even realize how old this thread was. Sorry guys.