String length

So i noticed that my hands hate it when my string length changes so i have to use stock string size (which i dont mind since its perfect.) But i want to try out kitty and there isnt a premade loop. This is a problem because i need my string size to be consistent. Anyone know a good solution for inconsistent knots? Also, who else has had this odd prroblem? When my string size changes it feels weird and looks choppy. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just use the same amount of string for your slip knot each time. You’ll get good at it.

I agree with someone. you will get good at making the length the same. Just dont make your knot super tight and you can re tie it till its just right. I throw with different lengths all the time. Lately ive been going as long as i can.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I use the belly button measurement for my strings. Attach the new string, set the yoyo on the floor, bring string length an inch or two above your naval, tie the loop at that length. Majority of my strings are within half an inch of each other.