Do you?

Do you shorten your string before use, if so, by how much?

I shorten my kitty string about an inch Be cause kitty string come’s really long but for regular sized string I don’t shorten it

Yeah. My crocostrings are really long (a bit longer than kitty) so I shorten it a bit. I’m 6ft 2, so i only shorten it a little.

Yeah. I cut some centimeters off my kitty string.

I don’t shorten, I just go with the flowww. By the way, is this Travis? I met you at IL states!

Yep, unless you want your yoyo hitting the floor when you throw a breakaway lol

The length of my string is very important to the consistency of the tricks I’ve learned. The odds of a brand new string being just the right length with out having to adjust and cut it are very small indeed.

I could not imagine not cutting my string to length. I cut a notch in my desk that I use as a reference for measuring string length, insuring my string length is consistent.

Depends on the string. I’ve been throwing long enough that I have a pretty high tolerance for string length variance without losing accuracy. So basically, if I have to tie it myself then yeah I take off some length. However, I can play full length kitty and make it look decent if I want to. It’s a matter of style and personal preference.

Most of the time, no.
almost all string that I have is kinda too short for me.

I’m comfortable with a good 120-135 cm long string (Sorry for metric measure)

I cut them too, but only when they are Kitty-long

A little

I always have the hardest time getting it to the right length, so i keep a certain string around to show me exactly the length i like my string to be at, and just cut all my string to that size. or i just measure it to the exact length of the last string i used. but i do the first thing just in case i rip the string i was using

Blueprint is the perfect length for me!

I play short string for fast play, long string for slow and flowy play.

I use kitty mostly. Sometimes ill take an inch off if im going to be playing over concrete at somepoint throughout the day. All my throws are mint and id like to keep them that way.

In general yes. Blueprint is a little short out of the box, but most of the strings I use need a knot anyway. I use my arm span as measurment(fingertip to opposite shoulder). That way I always know how long to make it no matter where I am.

I am trying out several different makes of strings and I find I have to shorten them 2 to 6 inches depending on the brand. This is no problem for me as I think of it as just a part of the ritual of playing with my yoyo’s.

Depends on the yoyo and the string!

Here is the length - o - meter

| | |
| | |
\ \ \
Short Type X Longer Venom Longest Ammo

I shorten my Kitty String. I could use it normal and do sometimes, but I just really like shorter strings. Feels more under control in my opinion.

I actually try to keep it as long as I can. Yoyo expert long string is perfect if I’m generous with the knot

From what I know (and I have not watched YYEs video), you should put your finger on your belly-button, then another finger on your waist-line. Double-up that amount and trim the string there.

Now, I go a little above that and just not trim it. I think it works fine either way.


  1. when you are learning a trick, a smaller string can sometimes help, however, it is then easier to do the trick with a longer string after learning. 2) The longer the string, the better for learning tight tech tricks.

I like the length of standard YYE poly, and most of my strings are that length. That’s about 2-3 inches above my belly button. But I’m fine with playing string as short as my belly button and as long as my upper chest