String Keeping On

I made this like indestructible string, but it’s stiff, and it slips off my finger. Is there a way to keep it on? Like weaving in something else or something…

Make it stick to your finger?

Duct tape or krazy glue I guess.

tape a little higher where you put the string on your finger?

If this is for your finger, I would say just drop it. Your finger will begin to not hurt pretty quickly if you just man up. If it’s numb though or hurts pretty bad, stop and take a break, especially if it’s bleeding.

Apetrunk, it sounds like the problem is that the string is just slipping off his finger. Batryn, what did you make the string out of, polyester, cotton, or nylon? Try using a different thread material. Try twisting the string loop around itself a couple of times before putting it on your finger.

I know… it’s just that I made this indestructible invisible string I want to use. But it’s like plasticy… it’s just a test… and it’s really thin too. Only problem is it almost falls off too much. Like it totally loosens and I’m playing 5a without a ball.

Oh yeah. I just missed the string part in the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s so good about this string? Could you maybe tie some regular cotton or polyester string to the end that goes around your finger?

If it is nylon, it may soften up by putting it in the dryer inside a brown paper bag for about 5 min. This may destroy your string but this is how Dr. Yo-Yo softened his angel hair string.

Plastic ;D Like thin fishing string.