String Issue

(Kei) #1

Hey guys its me with yet another issue.

I recently just noticed that I have been playing with string that was a bit to long. It was about a inch above my belly button (I do not cut the string). I have been playing like that for a long time and it feels natural and more comfortable to me. I cut the string to the proper length and it fells tiny and uncomfortable, but feels lighter on my hand. Trying to ignore it I tried to do a beesting and to my suprise it was much easier than before!
I don’t know what I should do. Should I keep the length to 1-inch above my belly button which feels more comfortable, or cut it to the proper length that seems much easier to do tricks on?

Thanks, and I promise I will quit asking so much questions.

(screamo) #2

go w/ the one you think can help you get better.


There’s no proper length. My brother uses like 2 ft :stuck_out_tongue: But he’s short.


Go with what feels comfortable and practice that way. Would you wear shoes that are too small to play soccer because they weigh less?

Just my immediate thoughts.

(Kei) #5

Ok, thanks guys I will stick with it being longer.


IMO, the reason you’re more comfortable with the other string is it’s what you’re used to, you may want to try the shorter string for a while to see if you adjust, then you can make a more informed decision.

(Kei) #7

Man, this is annoying me so much. When I play normal my spin times are less than usuall. I throw the yoyo down and before it reaches the end of the string, it slips from it making the yoyo “thunk” at the end of the string. It just doesn’t feel right.

Does anybody else play with string a little longer than normal? PLEASE HELP ME!!!


nmaster does. He plays it the length without cutting a highlight. I think it slips because of your bind, not throw. Try binding tougher.

(Kei) #9

Thanks. Although it is still feels weird. Oh well I’ll just use it like I used to, it wont really effect how I play right?


It depends on the person, I like longer string because it gives me more space to land on when doing some complex trick like ladder escape. shorter string gives advantages like how shorter string makes boing-e-boing a lot easier. It depends how you play it