Longer String?


When you start doing more advanced tricks is it a good idea to keep your string longer? Do a lot of people do that?


its purely opinion, i play it both ways, switching at random. Longer strings allows for bigger, usually more impressive looking movements. Shorter string allows for faster play. One thing not to do is to have it so long it makes your throw awkward.


String length definitely effects your style of play, but I’ve never heard of a beginner changing it for more advanced tricks. You could do ladder escape with a half length string if you wanted. Just pick a string length you like. Hope I helped!


I’d say there are some tricks that are easier with longer string (but not very long though), and there are some tricks that are easier on shorter strings. I also find more effort on using longer strings and I feel that my arm is exhausted quickly on longer string(or I haven’t been using string that long enough that my muscles are not used to it yet).


I used to play with a slightly shorter string. I feel that as I progressed, my string length preferences gradually grew longer. Im fairly short (5’10") and I now tie my knot 3 fingers above my belly button (standing up very straight with shoes on).


I personally like shorter string because I’m focusing towards fast/smooth tricks and I still suck at slack so I’m more inclined to have shorter string.
I used to prefer longer string 'cause I thought it’d make doing tricks a lot easier but the drawback on that is that I play slower and it’s not as tight. D: