Longer string?

It seems whenever i’m watching tutorials/performances with more technical tricks, the yo-yoer always has lots of space to maneuver the yo-yo around the string, but whenever I try the trick, the yo-yo has almost no space to move and my hands are always so close together, the holes in the string formation are too small and I can’t hop the yo-yo through.

Does anyone use longer string because of this? I use standard YYN highlights without cutting them at all.

Personally I try to use some pretty long string. I’ve always found it easier to learn tricks this way, and as you said it does give you A LOT more space to hop around in. I guess it all depends on how you like it and how you want your tricks to look to others. In my own experience I find that using longer string makes some tricks look more fluid. But on the other hand, I’ve seen people use shorter strings because they say they can move through tricks a little faster. My little brother tends to use longer string on his practice yo-yo for learning tricks, and then shorter string on his main yo-yo once he gets 'em down.

Makes sense

Where can I get longer (than YYN highlights) string?

See I started out using ultra long string. I stopped for a couple of reasons…
Firstly, my throw arm would get exhausted from holding it shoulder level.
Secondly, you can wind it faster when its belly button or even a little shorter.

The kicker is, I love the feel of a long flowy string, also the quick precision of a short one.