String Help

Ok guys, I want to buy some new string, and I thought I would ask the eXperts. Strings I have used include 100% polyester white YYE strings, and gator floss strings. I really like the yye strings, but they wear out so fast, probably within an hour I can tell a significant (negative)difference in the play, and how they bind. I really liked gator floss also, and i have a little left, but im going to save it, as they have closed.

Im looking for,(in order of importance)
DURABILITY. This is my #1 want in string. It should last a while.
Good string tension. Important, I like lacerations and whips.
Relatively inexpensive.

I am just looking for some recomendations from you guys.


My strings are pretty good, you might want to try them out… ;D They fit your wants pretty well, although I have a lack in variety of colors. I could give you some good deals, since you haven’t tried them out! ;D

Gstrings come in oh so many different formats, you’re almost bound to like one of them.

If I had to make a recommendation based on what you’ve said here, I’d tell you to go with Alchemy String. If it’s durability you’re looking for, look no longer.

Not sure if I can tell you where to buy it openly on the forums, but there’s some Guy out there who’s always got it in stock.

If you’re really all that curious to try before you buy, I’d be glad to mail you a couple of pieces of white Alchemy if you provide an address. I always keep a huge amount of the stuff on hand.

my string is well rounded. my colors are black,gold,maroon,purple,turquise,red,blue,pink. i can combine colors to make custom orders. they are 90% poly 10%nylon. give em a try. they last longer than the yye strings.

I agree with Doc on the Alchemy.

gstring- SSE, Intentus

Chaos 422 and 122(there other formats are just thicker or thinner versions of these ones)