String comparison

I was about to get 100 count fat kitty string before I saw toxic dragon string…
I started researching and found that kitty string can play like 2-5 hours before swithing.

But dragons said that they can play for 10 ( I saw 5 months from someone 0_o)then you could wash them to play for another 10 hours!

This being said, wouldn’t a 10 pck of dragon string for $7 last longer than a 100 pack of kitty string fat for $16?

Theoretically yes, realistically just get kitty nylon. Lasts a very long time.

Any string can last a long time, when it starts to fray and lose tension rapidly is more of a factor. Many people only use a string for a few hours, some keep strings for months. Strings become worse as they age and fray, so durability is definitely a factor. But it is hard to gauge how long a string lasts simply because people have varying parameters of when a string is “done”.

Well, I’m guessing I’m the the general- lower standards in string quality, so I will prob use string a little more, even though it’s dead.

On a side note, I’m loving yysl type x!
How does dragon compare with type x ?

Slicker, but whipper. Not as soft, but won’t fray as quickly. Stiffer and sometimes can slip off of your throw hand.

Different strings have different performance characteristics, so it’s critical to read the product description or talk to the maker before buying. Also, I would recommend buying small quantities of different strings that sound like they have attributes that you’re looking for. When you find what you want, buy more. Feel free to buy additional small counts of other strings as well.

How long a string lasts can be important. It’s an important factor for me, but not the most important. Performance is first. I’ve had strings I didn’t like how they performed, so I’m glad I was only using 5-10 count packs. I’m rather particular about color too as I prefer neon green and/or yellow as they stay bright and easy to see. I also like slightly thicker string as well. Right now, I’m enjoying YYSL Type X and Twisted Stringz Trixtra. It’s gonna be hard to change my mind on these.

So buy some small counts of various strings and find out what you like. That’s far more important that how long it lasts.