How long does White and Gold Fat Kitty String last?

How long do the white and gold fat kitty strings normally last? I’d like to know with washing them and without washing them please.

I’ve been using Markmont Dragon string for about 5 months and It’s just too fast with whips and not thick enough to my liking, I’ve grown to hate it actually after using it for so long.

Sorry if there is another thread like this in advance.

Umm for me I can usually get 2 days of hard play out of it.

For Kitty Normal and YYE 100% poly, I find about 2 hours of play and they are done. They’ll last longer than that, but all the bounce and spring is gone and now they are just holding out until they just actually start to wear out, which could be a couple of days.

Forgive me for offering you an answer which, one might maintain, is as unresponsive as some of our yo-yo’s, but string lasts… as long as it lasts.

It simply depends too much on factors related to how you throw, your particular style of play, perhaps even on local environmental conditions, and a host of other things, to permit a meaningful estimate of a string’s life expectancy. To say nothing of the fact that what, to some people, constitutes a worn out string in immediate need of replacement, will to other people seem like a string which still has plenty of life left in it.

Examine your string, and decide - based on your experience - whether it seems to be in need of replacement or not. That’s really the only way to handle the matter.

I would add that many beginning guitarists ask much the same question - when should I replace my strings? They’re often unwilling to accept pretty much the same answer as I’ve given you - replace them when they look, sound, or feel like they need to be replaced.

It’s never occurred to me to wash my yo-yo strings, any more than I would think to wash and re-use most other extremely inexpensive items intended to be used until dirty, then thrown out, like a paper plate or dental floss. I regard string as a disposable. What does Fat Kitty string cost, in quantity of 100 pieces? 20-25 cents, maybe? Even in small quantities (10 strings), I doubt whether it’s much more than 30-35 cents per string. Just not enough money at stake to motivate me to do other than throw a string away once it’s sufficiently soiled to merit washing.

I mean, I’m not trying to be like the cartoon character who disposes of his Rolls Royce because its ash tray is full. Although if you happen to know of a deal where I can buy Rolls Royces for 20 cents each…

Or am I missing the point? Is washing the string supposed to enhance its qualities or something? (I’d find this difficult to believe, but I’ve heard stranger claims.)

There’s actually a few brands and types of string that actually “come back” when washed through the wash cycle and then line dried.

So, it’s not a silly question. It’s a bit unusual, but it’s valid.

I find with me, when a string is done, the only thing to do is put it in the bag with the rest of the worn out string.

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Okay so 2 days maybe, thanks.

I was asking about the washing because one dragon string lasted me 4 months until it didn’t feel good to play with anymore, 10 hours of play then i would wash it and repeat.

You answered the wrong question, I’ve been yoyoing for around 6 years all together i know when to replace string and such I was just wondering how long fat kitty has lasted for people e.e

If you want to mess around with washing strings to “bring them back”, then try it. Worse case is “you fail”.

Otherwise, I think you asked the question poorly in the first place. You asked as if you were a new player.

Kitty string, once used up, is toast. All you get from washing it is a clean string to throw away.

My 2 years of yoyo’ing has taught me that!

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Yo, about the kitty string. I find that, to me and my style of play, the string would last me about 2 full days be for it looses it’s bounce, feel, and frizzes on me. By all means, its a great string for a bulk purchase, also they make it thicker now. I think on yoyorewind you could buy up to XXL string, also they made a fat nylon. After washing my kitty string…they feel very bland.
By-the-by, I would prefer yoyogstring any day, they are not as thick but have way more character per string then kittystring, don’t get me wrong, I buy a 100pack of normal prism and a 100pack of slim cream every Easter(basically once a year), but yoyogstrings last 3x longer then kittystring.

My YYE Poly lasts me a few days of 3-4 hour play :smiley: sometimes more havent tried my kitty yet though

You cannot compare the two. Different materials. The dragon string is way more expensive, and stays slick so you can wash it and reuse it. The kitty gets fuzzy and looses color, and its done after that.

I have washed and reused strings, but they were quality threads and they came back to life. The kitty strings are cheap and very disposable. Dont get me wrong, I love my kitty string, but they are not comparable in any way.