String collection

This might get deleted but hear me out.

I work at a school with students who generally come from rather low income families, recently more and more students have gotten into yo-yoing. Which is totally awesome but, they use dollar tree yo-yo’s and the string on these yo-yo’s is awful. I’ve been giving them my own strings but with more and more kids and so many strings breaking in half because they play with them all of recess and lunch not to mention how much they probably use them at home plus being torn up by starburst return systems i just don’t have enough. I’m not asking for your top of line strings but hey, we’re yo-yoers at one point or another we got string we didn’t like or from cheap yo-yo’s given to us by family members. I know it’s against the rules but i am asking if people would sort of like donate a string or two for me to start giving to the kids.

Thank you.

Takes pics and vids of the kids yoyoing and approach some companies with an actual solid plan and schedule of what you are working on for the kids.

I know this is probably really bad but I’ve taken to tying the broken ends of the string into a square knot and reusing it in a pinch as a temporary measure. Doesn’t last as long as a new string but eh

i have a bunch of white polyester string i bought awhile ago that i’d be willing to send. PM me and we can talk. :slight_smile: