Looking for used string donations!


Im starting a mini charity of sorts, in which i will sort out useable strings and unknot strings from huge bundles of used string, and redestribute it people who are starting yoyoing or cant afford string for no charge at contests and such. I have already packaged 11 packs of 10 from my own used string, and so far its looking good!

Once i have enough strings, i will distribute it to curious people at contests and to anyone that needs it. If i have money, i may even buy stamps and send it out.,

TO CLEAR THINGS UP: I will wash many strings and remove knots, i feel that giveing new players and curious people free string might encourage them to start yoyoing. A slightly used kitty string still lasts longer in a bearing yoyo then one of those terrible cotton duncans in my opinion. Only about half of the string in my pile of used string i deemed worthy of reuse.

If anyone is willing to donate their used string, please shoot me a pm informing me so and ship as many used strings you are willing to:

Julian Magdangal
417 Broadway Ave
Millbrae, CA 94030

(to mods, dont remove my address, its completely fine with me to put it out there)

Thanks for helping!


If someone can’t afford a $0.15 string, then they probably should be spending money on yoyos.

Besides that, I know that I wouldn’t want some else’s old string with sweat and dead skin cells all over it; ignoring the fact that it’s free.

I love the desire to help others, but I feel as though your efforts are misplaced.


I fully agree with Links and ,more >

Used string is, ‘used’. Most people I know, try to get 9 Lives out of their string. Once they decide to change out a yoyo string, it is usually because it is not playing well and has zero bounce left.

For years, most of us that have been around, have time and again suggested that people ‘change strings often’. Realistically, you(anybody) can get only so much Performance out of a string.

Even if you wash it very well, it is still prolly ‘beat’ or it would not have made it to the Used bin.

You are not exactly going to help somebody along by giving them string that wasn’t good enough for others to still use.

I am endlessly amazed when I see these kids post up that they have using the same string for 3 or 4 weeks and it is ‘still’ playing well.

When I feel I need to change a string, to me, that string is Done, period.

I know many times it is the thought that counts, but I think just handing folks just maybe 2 new strings is far better than a pack of 10 used up strings.

Since I now have your address, I will just send you several hundred New strings and you can give them out.

Will that work?


I think it would be okay if he washed the string. That way, all the grime will go away, and the string will work closer to new.

But on the other hand, Doc and Link make good points. New string seems to lose some of its qualities that make it so appealing (what Doc calls bounce I guess, which is a good way to describe it) over time.

Still, this is a really cool thing that you’re doing!


Not trying to be mean but if you can’t afford string you probably have other things to worry about besides yoyos.


I don’t think this is a good idea.

In my case, I have a bag of string and it’s used up. I wouldn’t with someone else playing these strings. If I don’t trust it for my stuff at this point, I don’t think anyone should take a chance on these worn out strings.

Now, say, if you were making some sort of artwork or something like that, that would be different. I would know that these beat up strings would never be played again.

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This is a terrible idea…
There are kids who have no food in the world and you want to give out free yoyo string to people who have food to eat every day…
We should fund raise and donate it the money to kids in Africa instead of giving yoyo string to supbreh


MAN… Talk about off topic! Don’t start twisting things around. If you live anywhere in the United States, there are some starving people right down the street in any city.

I notice your trade count is 17. You probably buy and sell yoyos too. Just think, every time you buy or sell a yoyo, instead you could be using all that money to buy food for starving children.

Supbreh is trying to do something yoyo related. It has nothing to do with ‘misery in the World’.

Why waste valuable time trolling this board when you could be out whipping up some sandwiches for people in Africa?

How could this thread go from used string to starving people in no time flat?


I have no clue, but there’s no way I’m walking to Ethiopia to get a sandwich made from used yoyo strings.


I’d like to pass on the sandwiches please… I’m not a huge fan of bread (unless it’s the bottom bit of a pizza, or a wrap or some such). Keep your GM corn too, we have enough of that here, and McDonald’s.

If you would really like to help Africa, YYE gift vouchers and cash to my personal bank account would be great. Thanks, and don’t forget to keep the cash rolling folks, your hard earned $ goes much further here and I’d like to buy a house so I can help all my starving brothers and sisters.

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I don’t think beginners care as much about their string. I know I didn’t. I enjoyed seeing how long I could play it until it broke. Then I got a metal yoyo…

Instead of distributing string, you may want to try to find the best way to restore it. Scald it in hot water, freeze it in cold water, soak it in dawn, dip it in vinegar, keep it in a water filled pickle jar for a week (my preferred method), squeeze it underneath several heavy books, dip it in alcohol, burn off the alcohol instead of letting it evaporate… Your going to need a lot of string.


Make sure u wash it.


Made me literally LOL at work. Good job that man!

I agree with what has been said. It’s a nice thought, just an impractical idea.


Why not just give the string to Isaac Sams’ grandma?


Somewhat used strings are still fine with beginners.
Many dont throw hard anyways. I figured it could help some beginners out by haveing a little backup of semi used strings. It should be able to withstand a light throw and a trapeze, i mean come on.

I do appreciate the feedback, but you guys dont need to be rude about it. God, if you think its a bad idea, then dont participate! Sim ple as that! (directed to sushi, of course)


And i just read this… Are you being serious! If you have that much string, i do suggest you hand them out on your own though in your neighborhood, but if you do send them to me, i would be glad to redistribute it to people in need of strings.


I must have missed this.

I’m not quite as amazed. If the kid is putting in some heavy playing time on that yoyo/string, then I’m thinking they are on borrowed time. However, I’ve been recently using some of the more costly strings and sometimes, even after a week or two of heavy play, sometimes they are still holding up good. SOMETIMES. Not always. With YYE 100% poly and Kitty, 2 hours of play and they are pretty much shot. With the Type X and Trixta strings I’ve been using, I can usually get around a week of heavy play before they are done for.

If I have a string on a yoyo for long time, it’s because it’s simply not being played a lot so there’s no need to change it.

Recently, been getting back into trying 2A again, and I’ve changed all the strings on my 6 Unleashed twice in the past week. I might have to throw my Loop 900s and Loop 1080’s into the rotation just to go longer between changing strings. I am using YYE Slick 6 100-counts, and string for 2A doesn’t last very long at all, and it’s not a function of the string, it’s a function of how the yoyo wears that string out. 30-45 minutes max and that’s kind of on the long side of things.

I also agree: Once I decide a string needs changing, that sucker is done.


That’s really it. There’s no “time limit”. It’s just done when it’s done. Certain formats seem to last forever.

Since some just seem to last forever, I admit, I’ve taken of strings before they were actually “done with” just because I wanted to mix it up. But unless I had only thrown it for an hour, it does end up in the “done for” bin.

Side note: I wonder how many of us keep our strings imagining some day we’ll make a ball or some wasps nest counterweights or something, vs. those that just put the right in the trash…?

Supbreh, good on you for wanting to help people!


I make bracelets and string balls and such with mine.