I need string help


When cutting a string to be perfect length should I cut from the premade loop or the part on the axle?

Also, my yoyo string just broke so I tied it back together, it worked for two days perfectly fine but then it snapped again. I feel like I should just get a new one but I don’t want my ask my parents to drive me all the way out to ToysRUs again (which is 30 mins away by car and is the only store near bye that sells yoyo string) and my parents don’t approve of buying anything online that often. So what can I do?

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OH you should start making your own string! cheap easy and you hardly ever run out!


You’re kinda screwed. Sorry. I mean, bulk string is very affordable, especially when bought online. That leaves you with making your own string, and I’m sure your parents won’t let you play with power tools or scissors.

I’m all growed up. I just buy 100 bulk strings with every purchase. I got way more string than I need right now. I did an order and put 100 white 100% poly strings in that order. I did a smaller order and popped in 100 neon green 100% strings. I just did an order last weekend, and I added 100 count neon orange 100% poly strings. Plus, I have a bulk of Slick 6 and bulk of 100% cotton, so I’m good for quite some time. Even so, when I do another order in December, I’ll probably do 100-count of neon yellow 100% poly strings.

When cutting your string, hold the yoyo at the end of the string(dead yoyo). Let the yoyo touch the floor. Hold the string straight up. Tie your new loop about 2 inches above your belly button. Cut the excess. It should be very obvious where to cut.

I’m not into making my own strings. I don’t have the time or a plug-in electric drill. At some point I will learn to make my own string. Watch videos and see recommendations. I’m sure there’s a place that sells sewing supplies nearby. Also, many people have sent me home-made strings, and let me tellyou, they easily compare with the store bought ones. Sometimes they are better. However, I do not like the Duncan strings. I have some, but they are not a string I really prefer.


PM me your address. I’ll send you a few strings. That should hold you over until you can go buy some.


You beat me to it! Curse you! Offer stands for me as well. PM address and I’ll send ya some.


Wait, would you guys actually send string to me? ;_; I’m grateful but I’m also somewhat paranoid, no offence but usually I don’t just go handing out my address to some people on the internet. But you guys seem reliable and I don’t know what kind of harm you can do by having my address. I’ll think about it.

About the making string part, I think my parents might actually let me do that but I don’t have string to make string anyway.


Me and danishsauce are on our second trade now, he is a reliable guy and he will send you some string…and why not just send my your address as well, you can try some of my chaos string.


See :smiley: I have good ol’ Slade’s address and he is still alive!
If you change your mind go ahead and PM me :slight_smile:


Ask your parents if they’re ok with you sending out your address. You don’t even have to give out your real name if you don’t want to, you could just go with your username. If they’re not ok with that, then see if they have a mailing address that they would be ok with giving out. And if they’re not ok with that…well, then wait until you get to ToysRUs I guess. Although I imagine that driving an hour would cost about as much in gas as shipping charges from buying string online.


yoyoing is about love, not fear my friend

if I wasn’t in europe, i’d offer to send some strings as well. There are things in the world to be scared about, but yoyo shops and yoyo players are not these things.


the yoyo community is full of nice guys that will help you out, however if you plan on getting into yoyoing you will need to talk to your parents about buying things from the internet because you can’t buy high end yoyo’s from toy’sRus, yoyoexpert is a trustworthy site to buy from and i am yet to come across a yoyo site that isn’t, probably because not all that many people know about yoyo’s and so their aren’t many fake sites. but really the usual few sites are all great yye has great service to they mess up an order from time to time but they always make up for it ASAP. The 2 guys that offered you string will definately send you it if you give them ur addy. LOL if your parents dont trust the internet post a topic asking if YYE is trustworthy to buy from and have your parents read the replies