String centering?

Any tips on keeping string centered on a flat bearing or am I pretty much out of luck on that? I’m too poor to buy a new bearing for a while lol


Keep the yoyo moving. Centrifugal force will keep it steady for the most part. I get more tilt with a flat bearing when it’s sitting still. If it does tilt, work on making micro-adjustments during movements and transitions.

In other words, practice.


Good advice, thank you

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My guess is you are fairly new. If not, ignore this post.

More than likely, you need to keep practicing your throw. Good level throw will center the string on a flat bearing.

Example: Your Yoyo is tilted on the throw. Return it and throw again.

Later when you land a mount, you can adjust this while the yoyo is spinning.


New to unresponsive, like a week new lol, I have a fairly consistent straight throw, it usually doesn’t tilt on me, it may just be me being a bit of a perfectionist, I just don’t like when the string isn’t dead center in the gap when I’m playing, I’d like to get a centering bearing of some sort when I can afford a new one. Unresponsive is definitely different than responsive though, stuff i can land on my responsive seems to be a little more difficult to control on the unresponsive. Im also a bit sleep deprived at the moment which could be messing with me too lol

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Mostly been working on tight clean binds the past couple days

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Just don’t look into the gap then lol ez fix. It’s only going to be able to be centered if it’s dangling on the end of the string anyways like if your on the trapeze, the trapeze segment touching the bearing is going to scoot the loop part to the side.

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This is true lol

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