String Burn

As the title implies, I have string burn. Although I know the common remedy is to wait a few hours, and then continue throwing.

I was just wondering if any of you out there have any different remedies. If so, please share them!

Wear Gloves, If not. Dont play so fast! :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s also say that I MUST play like Hiroukki Suzuki!

I don’t really like gloves all that much, they kind of act like a barrier between the Yo-yo and me. In other words, gloves separate the yo-yo and the yo-yo-ist

I’ve given myself some slight string burns mainly from doing Boomerangs. I’ve tried gloves, don’t like it…I feel like I have less control. I just don’t go as hard on the boomerangs, or when I do it, I kind of get the string to lift off my finger some so it’s not rubbing so hard against my finger and works pretty effectively.

Or, you can just build up a callous.

You MUST play like Suzuki, then wear gloves. There’s a reason he does. :stuck_out_tongue:

And when I get string burn, I wait a few seconds for the pain to go down a bit and keep throwing. lol
I’m used to it by now

eli hops built up my finger… not advisable :wink:

        String burns? If string is causing you pain then you're jelly. If it hurts don't stop; build a calluse. After a while it doesn't hurt.

And wearing glove is kind of like disgracing your family; if your not not “Hiroyuki Suzuki” fast or don’t yoyo with speed beyond human capability then gloves are kind of pointless.

Hiroyuki Suzuki does wear gloves

I think it’s funny when I see slow players using gloves.

I suppose some people just don’t like the feel of the string rubbing on their fingers. You’d think if they are doing this a lot, they’d get used to it or at least become tolerant of it.

I don’t think I’ll ever get fast enough to need to wear gloves. Chances are, if I do get that fast, first, I’d amaze myself that I got that fast. Second, is that in the time that it takes me to get that fast, chances are it’s be so used to it that it wouldn’t bother me.

Maybe i’m not throwing fast enough or i have developed callouses from other uses of my hands, but i have never gotten string burn. Sometimes when it’s humid out it grips a bit, but nothing that causes discomfort. I heard to use aloe, but i can’t testify whether or not this helps.