I totally burned my finger on my non-throw had today. I am not sure how it happened. I sometimes get a little bit of a rug burn type feel, but this time it was a full on burn. This ever happen to you?


String burn? No that’s never happened to me.

Actually I don’t think that’s ever happened to anyone.


Of course not. There is a completely different reason many players wear gloves.




Why else?




Do I sense a large amount of sarcasm?


I remember the first time I got string burn. OUCH!


String burn, mate. Probably comes from the strings running through your fingers a bit too quickly. Happens a lot if you do quick hopping type tricks. I used to burn the bejesus out of my non-throw hand doing eli hops but after a while you get used to it (or just burn the nerve cells and lose all feeling, either or).



Soooo, ya forgot to lube yer fingers, ehhhh??? :wink:

(WildCat23) #10

Don’t lube your fingers. Dry fingers are better.




Were instants away from somebody getting WAY out of hand here


Ahahaha I was just thinking what everybody else really meant :wink:


i think it really depends on the lube … V4M is the best… i suggest you try thick lube first if the burn is really really bad.


Dry fingers? That kinda hurts, don’t you think? >>
Really, they should come out with some kind of finger lube for yoyo players! <


sandpaper works great to dry hands


And once the skin is raw enough, sprinkle with lemon juice and salt, and place on dry ice for 5-10 minutes for a complete desert dry finger.


It’s called talcum powder.


Usually you only need gloves if your constantly doing fast string tricks like Hiroyuki

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Yes. Go wash your hands. Pick up a yoyo when your hands are still moist. Do Eli Hops really fast. Feel the burn?