String Burn Anyone?

So I’m trying to learn Eli hops and I’m getting string burn when sliding the string through my NTH. This also happened when doing the boomerang. Anyone else experienced this and know how to prevent it?

Yes, it sucks. haha

Maybe try not forcing the yoyo up and down so fast/hard.
Duncan yoyo gloves.

Experiment with how you do the hops.

this happens to me all the time. it’s actually preventing me from learning sky bind.

try washing your hands and using a brand new string, preferably 100% polyester. this seems to help for a little while. using a glove is also an option.

Find a thin glove, and if you don’t have one, for those tricks, since you don’t have to grab the string, maybe a sock works, never tried it though.

Hmmmm… String burn…what would my dad say? Cowboy up! lol Just kidding, any of the suggestions above work but I find when I practice without gloves my hands get to a point where they can handle it. So yeah I guess cowboying up might work as well.

Besides, when whipping through tricks, friends and spectators are always amazed, when I yell “Ouch” and my fingers burst into flame! :o

For Eli Hops and Boomerang, with practice, you should be able to do them without string burn, even doing it very quickly.

The key is for your NTH to be touching/guiding the string just enough to keep the entire string length taut. You don’t have to have your NTH pressing hard into the sliding string; that will burn you. You’ll be applying the most pressure on the string with your NTH when the yo-yo is at its extremes (this is when both the yo-yo is changing directions and the string is not sliding against your NTH).

Practice and get the feel for it. Your NTH should be somewhat relaxed. And also, practice.

I concur, practice without gloves. Your callouses will build up, just take it easy on yourself. I had the same problem, but practising everyday will help your skin become tougher, and you’ll look like a bad*** ;D

Before you play, rub some baby powder on your hands. It makes them a little more slick allowing the string to not heat up as much. :slight_smile:

It happens alot to me when im doing boomerang.

Eli Hops? Boomerang? I don’t even know what those are yet! I’m just starting out, and I burnt the everloving SCHNUTZ out of my forefinger doing a “Stop and Go”. Which is one of the more basic tricks, is it not?

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m suddenly very gun-shy about putting max effort into practicing the trick now!

Damn that hurt…

yeah , i got strings burn alot when i do the boomerang , i just get a glove and do the tricks like there’s no 2morrow hehe. but if you want to do it without the glove just do it easy at 1st , build up calluses and your hand won’t even fell a things .

Just regular cotton gloves will work or even billiards gloves. Other than that, just go a bit slower on the eli hops.


keep at it eventually you’ll get blisters then they will turn to calous’s then back to blisters then scar tissue. THEN YOU’VE GOT IT MADE. or you can buy billiard gloves

Not sure why I feel like this is a “real men/women don’t wear a glove” situation, but I do. :wink:

For some reason I feel like my hands have lately become waaaay to soft since I stopped doing work every weekend. Used to be calloused and all, now I gotta do it again. I’ve gotten some nasty burns but I think i can handle it although it seems like a glove would help smoothness

String burn? Friction. Uugh.

Only reason I am getting gloves is coz I don’t want to rub off my ringer tattoos…