String Breaking

I just got my Frantic 2 days ago and I have already broken 3 strings. I dont know why because I usally dont break any. It wasnt because of a bad bind because one time I wound it up and it still broke.

What string are you using? And how much are you playing?

I only play about 2 hours a day and using 50% polyester 50% cotton

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Does this happen to all your yoyo’s?
What i would do is try different strings and see if one works best… :wink:

It doesn’t happen to all his yoyos.

Is the Frantic still responsive Jason? Also, is Justin’s M1 acting the same?

No its not responsive anymore and Justins m1 is still the same

Maybe you got bad string? ???

Its the string I always use for all my yoyos

Oh. Um idk then Jason. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have dinged my M1 very bedly (Its still dead smooth though!) because a 50/50 broke on me, that’s the only string that has ever snapped on me other than a YYE string. I hate 50/50s, I’ve never had polys break on me (Exept for YYE strings.) and they are really good for me. If you haven’t tried polys, I highly reccomend doing so.

K ill get some next time I get string

Yea that will work too. Have you tried asking Samad for some? Or some Perfect Fit String too?

I don’t have any poly. I was gonna give him some PFS though.

I have poly string?

Lol I dont even know when the next time im going to go to your house

I dont think its the yoyo because I’ve had a poly string on my frantic for about 2 weeks