String and Lube

Hey guys I have two questions

  1. I know you might say preference but generally which is better?
    Slick 6 or 100% Poly and white or yellow?

  2. I saw the video on lube and do you apply it with or without the bearing shield?

  3. How many of you guys have a YYE T-shirt?

  1. I think 100% poly is better and doesn’t matter which color is better.

  2. Both

  3. I don’t have one, but I will.

Happy Throwing! =]

Come on guys, need more advice. Samad and Kim help me out?

  1. well it depends on what level your at if your a beginer or are into looping then the slick6 but if your getting good at string tricks then the 100% polyester

  2. it doesnt really matter just prefrence :-[

For number one, Poly is generally better to most people, but some people, like Samad, prefer 50/50. I’ve had better experiences with poly, though.

Otherwise, he pretty much said all I would’ve said.

  1. I like 50/50 more. Its all preference, but I actually use Perfect Fit String which is a mixture of poly and nylon.

  2. It doesn’t really matter, and both will work.

  3. Yep!


I use the PFString(sorry for plugging my own product) 80%/20% Poly Nylon. Befor that I usde 100% Poly.
I deshield my bearings I leave them open and lube them that way. I think it is easer to clean them and lube them.
Why yes, yes I do thank God for Xl

Thanks guys, just ordered 100pack string and Thin lube

Kim, why did you crossed out “,but I will”

Happy Throwing! =]

Out of curiosity, which string did you choose to go with?

'Cause I’m not getting one.

Oh, lol. I thought you crossed out on me.

Happy Throwing! =]

Guys, I bought 100 Pack Poly and Thin Lube. I wanted to buy a T-Shirt but my mom said

“YOu’re just gonna use it for your County Talent SHow. Why buy it”