best string for 2a?


Ive been stuck learning 2a with polyester string for over a week now and I think its time to get something more responsive. Ive heard slick 6 is the best looping string. What do you guys think?


You heard it right. Slick 6 is the way to go.


Im not very good at 2a but i believe that slick 6 would be the best because of how much spin there is to that the poly can melt and the cotton is a little to grippy so slick 6 would be the way to go. I wonder how Kevlar would work


You shouldn’t have any string melting issues unless you’re on a wood axle.

Even so, I’ve been using 100% poly in my Unleashed yoyos and it works fine. It gets the job done quite adequately for me. I do have some white Slick6 though. I might give that a go.


oh didnt know that i heard about string melting somewhere but that just shows you how muck of a nood i am at 2a

I still wonder how kevlar would work


I wouldn’t waste the money on kevlar for looping.

The condition of lube in the bearing combined with the gap width and condition of the response system are more important. Especially the bearing.

I have played Kevlar. It’s more 1A oriented. Kinda dead but durable as all get. No give, no spring, no “cushioning” effect.

Have you played with string length at all? It can help in other areas. I like my strings shorter for 2A than for 1A.