2A Yoyo Strings

Forgive me if this is a redundant topic, but the search function kept crashing on me when I searched for “2A Yoyo String”… so I thought I’d just create a topic.

I’m currently challenging myself to learn the basics of 2A yoyoing but hit a snag so to speak. I just bought two Loop 1080’s from this site and they worked beautifully until the string inevitably broke. I tried using the stuff I had lying around (100% polyester type 6 bought in late 2000’s and 50/50 type 6 string bought in mid 2000’s) and they just completely threw off my looping I had worked so hard to learn. My polyester string broke within an hour or two of stringing it so I’m certain that I’m on the wrong track with regards to string.

Now, I’ve been doing 1A for nearly 8 years so I know a lot about string for 1A play. However, 2A play is apparently a whole other animal which I have never encountered before. Is there anyone who can recommend good string and, just in general, how much string should I expect to go through learning 2A play with a pair of Loop 1080’s? Judging from the gap size of the Loop’s, if I go thicker than a type 8 I’m just going to buzzsaw every string I throw on it. I’m able to purchase whatever I need, I just need some advice from the more advanced 2A players here so I don’t waste my money buying the completely wrong string.

Much obliged!

i have heard good things about slick 6 strings i haven’t done much 2a but ive heard slick six is the best for it also you can buy the in 100 packs so it lasts longer or if you want a really strong string you could try kevlar but i have no idea how that would work and feel.

Best String for looping? or does it matter?

looping and string?

Try not to be too selective in your search. Use the “Advanced Search” and maybe search for “string loop”. You will get some extraneous stuff but some of what you are looking for.

I use slick 8 (50/50) BTW.

In theory and limited practice, poly 6 melts. But so do your yoyos… Give the poly a chance, wear everything in, see how it goes after a few more days. Most pros use poly. Blend (50/50) is what is recommended in the 1080 instructions to reduce the melt risk/liability. It does play well too