String and length for each style?

What string and string length do you prefer for each style of play?

For me its…

1A: BYYS Fat Chicks, a few inches above belly button
2A: YYE poly/cotton, mid-pocket length
3A: Fat Kitty, belly button length
4A: Toxic Thick Metz, same as 1A
5A: YYE poly, belly button length

I’m a short guy at 5"4’

100% polyester the whole way :stuck_out_tongue: 1a, 4a, and 5a the original length, 2a and 3a cut down a good deal :stuck_out_tongue:

1a. Gray matter (the only one I have) about belly button
2a. YYE poly and still testing out length
3a. NOPE
4a. Kitty, same length as 1a
5a. Kitty- a bit shorter than belly button

Im a tall guy at 6 foot 2.

WHAT. Arent you like 12? DAAAAANNNNGG

Im 14 and yeah… I get that alot. Haha

I have a friend whose 14 and he’s 7 foot 3

1A up to my chest
2A hand to elbow
3A a little more than waist height
4A usually a little shorter than 1A
5A same as 1A
I’m 5 7 and half

Oh ok. I know a guy whose 14 and is 6 6 but 7 2 is too much xD the tallsst guy I know personally is 6 11 haha

i am 6’3" and like my 2a string to be from the tip of my middle finger to just past my shoulder