String Alignment

Sometimes when yo-yoing my string sometimes moves to either side of my DM. This either causes a loud noise when it moves to the starburst side or a lot of rattling when it goes to the o-ring side with a blackened string. Both cause a decrease in spin time. Is this because of my throw or something else?

This is your throw. 100% of the time.

The best thing to do is “lighten up” on the power of your throws a little, and concentrate on getting a nice, smooth, and straight sleeper. If you take the time to develop a good technique, things like spin time will start magically falling into place.

Watch the Sleeper video on this website. Keep the arm straight, the palm up on release, and practice the “snap” at the end of your throw. Keep it relatively calm at first. Practice is the key here. Keep everything consistent, as this lends to mental and muscle memory retention.

Soon, if you genuinely work on a good technique, you’ll be dropping it like a pro.

This is something that someone told me when I had trouble with sleeper and it really helped.

Go to a place in your home that has hardwood or tile floor (a bathroom, if needed.) Pick a line on the floor that is caused by two tiles lining up. Throw the yoyo, keeping the gap of the yoyo lined up with the line on the floor. Keep doing that. Over and over. Your throw will be straightened out slightly.

If you want to do something like this for a breakaway, stand a few inches from a wall, facing the wall. Throw your breakaway without hitting the wall. Its kinda hard, but really works!

Thanks for the help both of you!