Stricklin Strings, NOW FOR SALE ( a super low key way)

As of now, the only thing I’d change would be making them a tiny bit thinner (granted, I understand you were making a blend specifically for you, which was supposed to be thick and I think you NAILED that so :man_shrugging:)


I received my string a couple days ago. I promptly strung up my oasis and started throwing. The first thing I noticed is this string is THICCCCC. At first glance, I thought, too thick, but upon throwing I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely does not play too thick, at first. After a few hours of play, the frays are now starting to make the string slightly snaggy but still playable.

I typically use zipline skyline 3, almost exclusively, at least for unresponsive because, like @nightshadow, softness is a major priority for me. These strings are VERY soft. I think I only see two strands of nylon in there? I certainly expected more nylon since softness was a high priority. How he achieved such soft string with such a high poly to nylon ratio is a mystery to me.

Whips and slacks are almost as easy with Robyn’s strings as they are with skyline 3 which is another big reason I prefer skyline.

All in all, this string is very nice. The only change I would suggest, if the string were being made, specifically, for me, would be to maybe remove one or two strands to bring the thickness down just ever so slightly. Aside from that, this is one of the best strings I’ve ever tried and I think he nailed it, based on his design priorities.

If it ever goes on sale, I will probably buy some.

Thank you so much for the string and cool stamp @nightshadow! You are on to something here!


These strings are FUN!! Wow. Thank you for giving me the chance to try them. I will certainly grab more when available.

Robin, you’ve seeming found a pretty special recipe. They are SOOOO thick but somehow don’t play thick (as a bunch have already pointed out). They’re super soft and just glide on your fingers. The bounce is exceptional and they make your floatiest feel floatier. Cloud 9 might be a good name for them!

These are super cool but mind you, feel like noodles in your hand! lol. They are thick!.. the whips and slacks are just more fun as you can really steer these things. They are so visible in play too.

Late last year I went strictly to Kitty first class regular. I got rid of all my Kitty fat and really stopped chasing boutique blends. Still have some Bad Wolf Nylon that I string up but that’s about it. Thick is not my thing but I can make room for some these!

Great work my friend!


Thanks so much man! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying such a thick string!

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OK, the time has come for a video. It gives you a chance to meet me, and I probably should have made this to start with.

In it I address some more of how the string is designed to play, and what I’m going for. I also address the thickness.

I know its almost 10 minutes, but if you’re at all interested in getting some, take a look! It’s just me talking, so maybe pop your earbuds in and clean your house while listening :smiley:

(I just uploaded it unlisted to the Sengoku youtube channel, haha. We’ll probably end up including these strings with future releases, so it is relevant to the brand).



It is with great pleasure that I announce that I’ve gotten enough feedback here, in PMs and on Facebook messages that I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger on selling these strings!

First, pricing.

I took a data point from just about everyone who gave me feedback on what they think a good price would be. I then averaged this, and dropped it down by 10 cents.

The result was a unit price of $1.62 per string. Personally, I like round numbers, and I’m not in this for the money.

Unit price is $1.50.

So, if you’d like some, just message me. I’ll do it first come first serve. I don’t think I’ll try and set up a BigCartel store for now, I kind of like the idea of keeping this low key. I might set one up later if people prefer that, and there is enough demand.

I have 200 or so made ready, and can commit to upping that to 1000 by the end of the summer (if the demand is there). Because these are all made to order, it might be a few weeks before you gets yours if you message me later in line.

The way I’ll do this is I’ll put you in line on my list, but only ask for payment once I’m ready to ship your strings out.

I know that I might not even sell these 200 strings! A “waitlist” might be optimistic, but I’d like to have a prepared system regardless. I really have no idea what to expect.

As far as shipping, up to five strings can fit well in a letter envelope, and shipping for that is $0.68. Or, if you want tracking, we can talk options.

So yeah, we’ll see how this goes! I might not sell even my 200 strings, or I might run out and have to make a waiting list. I really have no idea what to expect.

Thank you all gain for all the great feedback, I’ve had so much fun already!

Robin Stricklin


I’m late to the party, but I wanted to put this string through its paces first. I just haven’t had a lot of extra time for throwing.

Let me start out by saying, this string is unlike anything else I’ve tried. Granted, I’ve not tried half of what many of you have. For one, it’s far and away the thickest stuff I’ve tried. I’ll also preface this with saying that I prefer thinner string (it took me a while to even get used to Sochi Fat). I mostly use the thin bulk poly strings from YYE, but though through the generosity of others, I’ve gotten to try a few other types.


  • very comfortable - makes speed and repeating tricks (e.g. Eli hops) much nicer, and tiny amounts of moisture less of a problem


  • Has a tendency to form both more frequent knots and more difficult ones (not sure if string is whipping too fast or perhaps just carrying too much momentum & wrapping extra around the yoyo due to thickness)
  • causes tilting - never really noticed different strings making my yoyo tilt easier, but this one was noticeable

I won’t list this as a good or bad, but this string whips waaay faster than any other I’ve used (including Kitty Whip). I’ve never used pure nylon, so maybe it’s “medium-fast” in comparison, but I have used Zipline Rhapsody before, and it doesn’t come close in terms of speed.

Overall, this wasn’t quite to my tastes. Take that with a tiny grain of salt though, because I’m not half the player Mr. Stricklin is. As he said, he tailored this exactly to his preferences. Perhaps as I creep toward his level and learn more slack & whip tricks, this could become a secret weapon I grow to love. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend trying this one out (despite it not being my cup of tea). I can almost guarantee you have nothing like it, and you may love it. If a thinner variation is made, I’d definitely be interested in getting my hands on some of the most comfortable string I’ve used.

Thanks again Mr. Stricklin for sending these out, and congrats on making something so many people like!


You know, I love to see positive feedback, and folks who really love my string, but this was honestly just as much a pleasure to read. I really appreciate your honest thoughts, and how you have presented them.

Yeah, I can imagine this recipe would be rough! They’re definitely thick dudes.

I’m flattered! But who knows? You may never prefer thick strings. As your style evolves and you learn more stuff, you might grow to love them as I have, or like thickness even LESS!

Thank you very much. This quote right here is EXACTLY why I was so eager to send out free samples.

This string is definitely an outlier, and I wanted to get a full range of reactions.

Again, I want to thank you for leaving this feedback. Especially in such an eloquent manner.


First, a big thank your sharing your strings with us.

I’m a novice, at best, in this wide world of throws. I’ve mainly used Sochi normal, fat, XL, and Zipline, with a little Markmount here and there.

I throw mainly for the relaxation/ASMR; I love a quiet, smooth bearing and putting this on my Par Avion amplified that experience for me. The texture, the softness, and the bounce were all a real delight for me. I have had some soft string before that was too light and wondered what could be out there that has a little more weight, but still has that softness, and this string has been it for me so far.

I need to try it on my more standard sized throws, but I would also like to see what a couple of strands thinner could be like in the future.

TLDR; soft, great weight, a delight, thank you!


Reading this made my day. It was a pleasure!

I have played my two strings a lot. I actually really like them. They are different from most other strings in a very good way. I only have one negative thing to say about them. Some of my yoyos when using this string play semi responsive if string tension is a little off. I would like to follow up that negative point by saying I would keep my personal collection stocked with these because they are so nice.

Thank you for letting me test these strings and thank you for bringing something new to the table.


Just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents for what its worth. Big shoutout to @Solemn_Kaizoku for passing on the string he didn’t use so i could give it a go (and some other awesome string goodies!).

First, the obvious; as other have said, this isnt the string for everyone at all times or for all throws. Having said that, Robin nailed his stated goal admirably. This is hands down the most comfortable string I’ve tried to date. However, at no point did i find it too slippy like it would come loose or anything. I’ve been throwing it for about an hour now and it breaks in nicely. I stretched it before i measured and cut it but it also stretched and settled in over the initial 20 min or so. I also feel like it plays the best fast. Maybe it pulls the string ever so slightly tighter and thinner, but i found it felt the best the more i tried to push the speed. The few whips and slacks i know are a dream to perform with this string. Interestingly i also found it felt really nice with anything requiring me to pop it up. Kwyjibo pops felt amazing and it handles gyroscopic flops like a boss.

Now a couple drawbacks: anything where i am using more than 1 layer of string in the gap has to be pretty clean or i get enough friction that i lose spin time. I was able to counter this by throwing it harder than usual but my throws arent the strongest yet so it’s something i have to keep in mind. Fortunately hard throws dont cinch down on the finger at all uncomfortably. This is obviously largely a skill issue as im a very new player, but as a new player i have to consider such factors.

The first throw i put it on was my yonami code with a gap width of 4.5 mm. It was a bit snaggy. I switched it to my 1up and it played much less snaggy even though that also has a 4.5 mm gap, so i guess mileage will vary based on what response pads it’s being used with.

Overall, i think this is phenomenal string for its strong points. Its not the universal choice, but then what really is :man_shrugging:. Definitely something I’d like to keep a couple on hand. Well done :clap:


String order came in today.
Loving these strings. Thanks Robin!

(The Ansel Adams stamp was a nice touch!! :camera:)


I should have some coming my way too

Yep, shipped several days ago. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t showed up yet…

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Mine got delivered yesterday, I need to go pick them up asap!

Sorry I’m a week late to review the strings I received. These are very soft and comfortable on the fingers, have a nice bounce to them, slacks and whips were easy with them. I used them on 2 different unresponsive throws, both with different gap widths, and the thicker string performed great on the wider gap, and a little extra care on the narrower gap was needed with more layered tricks. The winding was good, the length was good, nice standard color, durability is so far so good. If you like slightly thicker string, 100% give these a shot. They kind of remind me a little of plush badwolfeco strings in the Goldilock size, maybe a smidge thicker.

Do you currently have any plans to expand on your catalog, like with varying thicknesses or colors?

I fall into the same general category, I think. I am certainly novice, throw for fun and relaxation, and I’m sure there will always be more strings out there in the world that I have not tried than the ones I have…. However, that definitely doesn’t necessarily equate to “just throwing”.
One of the largest appeals about yoyo’ing to me as an adult is the fun in the observing and feeling the subtleties & nuances as I learn to perceive them.



I have finally worked through the waitlist!

As predicted it took about 2 weeks.

Strings will be shipped shortly.