(Stricklin Strings), (Ultra soft, ultra smooth)---NEW thinner type (and OG thick) available


The two week waitlist was due to a missive initial rush when I first announced the sale of my strings.

If you would like to place an order, turn around time should be much faster.


I have exhausted my materials. More are in the mail, but it will be about a week before I can make more strings.


Well, you guys asked and I listened.

I have developed a new thinner version of my strings. This was not as simple as just adding fewer strands, as this changed the play and texture.

So it was a task to get something that still played/felt the same as the OG strings, while not being as thick.

In order to get a similar soft/smooth “noodle” feel, I had to add in a new type of nylon, and adjust the twist ratio for all three types of material, while still using all the old tricks from the OG recipe for soft texture, plush feel, and (most importantly) tight coil neutral texture.

SO, after many trials, I have something I’m happy with, that I think still has that same feel of the originals.

Here they are: 80% thickness Stricklin Strings!

(OG recipe on the left, new (0.8) thickness on the right):

EDIT: Just looking at the photo, the thickness difference doesn’t look that much, but it does make more of a difference than you might think.


If you’d like to buy some, PM me. They are made to order at $1.50 per unit, as always.


Dm incoming.

After surviving a flood, lingering in mail purgatory, and narrowly avoiding being yeeted into the eternal void courtesy of the (local branch of the) USPS, my sample of Stricklin’ Strings arrived about a month back. Life has been hectic so I’ve only now gotten to compile all my thoughts after extensive play. (Note these are the original formula, the thick blend)

Tl;dr - BUY THEM! They are unlike any other current strings on the market that I can think of. It fills a unique space in the nylon string sub-niche!:v:t2::heart::metal:t2:

I played the included kitty first class briefly for shiggles, however the bulk of my A/B/C comparison has been Stricklin’ v Skyline 3 v Mazal Top Woolly Nylon since polyester and nylon are sort-of two different fruits IMO. I figure these strings are also common enough to use as reference points.
The Stricklin’ string feels thicker, softer, rounder and more dense than Skyline 3’s. The two aren’t very reminiscent of one another.

Stricklins remind me a lot of Mazal Top’s Wooly Nylon string. Even before stringing it up - the texture, density of the fibers, diameter and weight felt similar to me. The way they whip feels similar. They both have a kind of chonky heft to them while still retaining plenty of speed.

The Stricklin’s have held up even better than I expected them to hold up and show very little fraying or shearing after 2 weeks of playing on them. I’ll eventually wash them too, and will report how that goes.

I would recommend these strings to anyone. For a casual up&downer they will last a lifetime, for a rookie like me they are easy to see and feel during play, all the while being soft on my fingers. Even for the most seasoned player these strings will be either a breath of fresh air or a stroll down memory lane.

Finally, the maker is an all-around swell guy for gifting so many of us with free samples of excellent string, and making a video introducing himself and contextualizing his product. IMO, that kind of commitment and passion is worth our money.

Edit: interesting that so many people requested narrower string, because I quite liked the thickness. It can be hard to find a nice chonky nylon. Additionally, Mazal Top isn’t currently producing any string I don’t think.


Thanks for the quick review here, I really appreciate it, and I’m super glad you’re enjoying the strings!

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When I have YoYo money I got to order some of the thinner version but for now I got a good stash that I’m enjoying. Happy I ordered these and will order more.


I almost exclusively play full nylon Airetic standards these days. I do not like nylon poly blend strings and really do not like pure poly strings.

If I had not known, I would not have guessed Striklin Strings were not full nylon. They have a nice bounce, whip better than anything you’ve tried and feel as soft as pure nylon.

I can see how they would be perfect for Robins play style and preferrd profile shape. If you are into competition style throws, like tricks with big movements and whips, and love horizontal then this will be your favorite string. Especially if you pour a recessed response.

Robin will probably be a doctor, lawyer, or 1st chair pro concert violinist soon so I’d suggest everyone buy as many of these as he is willing to make before he no longer has time to fool with making strings for the likes of us.


Has anyone tried the new thinner version? The original was thick for my tastes, but I’ve actually been enjoying it for 5A and learning repetitive tricks (like butterfly).

New batches of the thinner (0.8) thickness variation continue to be made and shipped. Same maximum softness as the OG thick version, almost as plush, just a little thinner.

If you want some, I’m still making them so hit me up :call_me_hand:

(Note: I took this photo at a different time of day, so the colors look a little different than other photos. They are still the same highlighter yellow as always).


Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate your confidence in me :smile:.

But it is true that I will not have hardly any after this summer. I finished my med school pre requisite courses, and this fall I’m going to start my attempt to do a physics BS program for transfer students at either UCLA or UC Davis.

I’ve never done anything like that before, and neither school is particularly soft on their physics majors. I may well have to jump ship!

In any case, I’ll be in the trenches, so I’ll have to try and make a stockpile of strings for those that want them before I start school again.

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