strange counterweights

What stramge counter weights have you or your freinds ever used

YoYos, Beanie Babies, and pebbles.

I have heard of ninja stars. Never used them but hey.

My watch.

Jeez! That looks dangerous! Don’t hit somebody with that… :o

a shoe

A key chain Rubik cube, poker chip, chess peace, bearing, and a ball of barbwire. Later.
P.S Don’t try out the barb wire thing unless you know what your doing.

Keep it spinning™


a squirrel with a rocket lancher! :smiley: (kidding, but that would be so cool!) :smiley:

(i have used a pen. also a tv remote, not a good idea lol) :o

Chameleon, that’s a wasps nest if I’m not mistaken right? Later.

Keep it spinning™

hmm for me i’ve use a pair of cork,and the thin lube bottle…
the ninja star looks cool

fold up a piece of paper :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried a chem light with glow string… the chem light was too heavy though… I also used a cd… <Dont worry… Was just an old aol trial cd… Not good for anything else… Wasn’t even a decent counterweight>

Use your parents. They’ll be like… AHHHHHHHHHH! GET ME OUT OF THIS! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

You are mistaken :wink:

It is a ball of string.

Tried a Pop-Tart. Threw a Trapeze, Pop-Tart went bye-bye. :’(

Then did you eat the counterweight? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Did you eat the Pop-tart? That sounds better.


(i tried a key chain)

(Yes.) :-[