Homemade Counterweights?

So, how would you go about making a counterweight with homemade materials? What process and items would you use?

just use anything, making sure that there is adequate weight and room to loop string through.

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You can try making what I made I just made a small rubber band ball and tied the string on one of the rubber bands.

you want to use soft materials like rubber, so it won’t hurt your hand (specially if you’re beginning 5A, if you’re not and are able to properly catch the CW, use whatever)

ligher = faster
people say the ideal weight is 1/6 of the yoyo (if I heard right)

the best counter weight I’ve made was I took a small soft sponge bouncy ball and kinda drilled a hole through it and may I say it’s amazing! much better than the die counter weight I had made, and doesn’t hurt as much xP

i used the soda top (the acthall name is pop top) get about 50 of them than put them on a key ring.

Or… you could make it on a lathe and have it be whatever you want.

Drill a hole through a super ball, make the hole bigger than you think it needs 2 be and thread the string through the hole with a bent paperclip.

I wouldnt recommend it but ive used a carebeaner and a keychain pocket knife before to demonstrate 5a to people once lolol.

With the blade out… Like a boss. 8)

hahahahahaaa only rambo could pull that off!!! He’d chop someones head off while doing it! Hahahahaaaaa

wasp nest coutner weight is best homemade counterweight