What yo-yo accessories can you DIY? And how?

You can make some cool counterweights:

You can make counterweights yourself, just by finding any die or bouncy ball and drilling a hole through it. You can also make yoyo string yourself.

Counterweights, string, and pads. Thats about it.

Don’t forget shims :smiley:

Take some piece of thick paper or thin cardboard that seems thick enough, hole punch it, roll up some sand paper, sand the hole until its the correct size, then cut out the hole from the paper and cut it into a nice circle.

  • pogs

Does a case count? Cases are fun, easy, and useful ^^

i made my case out of an old macbook case and some foam, it works really really good well :stuck_out_tongue: and make sure you have a small tomato paste can and sharpen the edges. it makes the job so much easier when the can is sharp

use a credit card for shims

whats that?

caps i belive

yeah I think that’s what he means… The caps that come out of most “cheap” Duncan yoyos (and maybey others idk) look simaler to pogs. A fad a couple of years ago.