I’ve seen homemade counter weights and one counterweight kept popping up and it was Yo-shi’s counterwieght that appeared to be made of string. so i was wondering how do you make that type of counterwieght?


ringa ding ding, here you go. By the way its called a waspsnest counterweight.

Later and remember keep it spinning.

(DrSqueakers) #3

Also what I do is use a chess peace and just tightin the slip not around the middle (I use a night so it is hard for it to slide off i also recomend using a rook, a bishop, or a queen)

(TechyThrower92) #4

This is is how i made mine: I went to the dollar store and they had a little package of 10 different color dice for a dollar,so i bought them. Then I got a Black&Decker drill out of Walmart(cost about $9.88-$10.00). Then I got home and put holes through the dice. Now I have 10 counterweights. All for the cost of about 11 dollars. Hope this helped

(YoyoZeb3k) #5

Nice tutorial gonna have a go at it myself at somepoint this week