Counterweight ideas

I looked around a little, but I’ll admit not too much. My Duncan light up die hit the ground and exploded, so I need a new counterweight. I don’t feel like ordering a set right now because I don’t feel like it and you can’t make me cuz you’re not my real mom!
What have you guys used from around the house to make counterweights? I’m hoping for something that won’t hurt me when I hit myself. I will hit myself.

Drill though a large die.

Large steel nuts. Hex preferred! Galvanized optional. Safety glasses recommended.

You’re trying to kill me aren’t you? I was leaning more towards small stuffed animal! haha
I have to pay for my flooring when I move out of here if I slam a bunch counterweight holes in it.

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make a wasp nest it just takes a pen some clay glue and string

here is the link

This is amazing!! I can’t wait to try this later!

I have made several out of Super Sculpy.

I made a great one out of a bouncy ball

Wasp nest counterweights are really cool, especially since they are made out of old string which you were going to throw away anyways