whats your favorite counter-weight?

i use a rubber bouncy ball

i use either the bouncy ball or an Inova Microlight

Ninja star.

or a grenade. no pin though. Gets to heavy. those arials are soooo perrrty

You know I was going to post a beanie baby but jeez nothing can top Mr. Q. :smiley:

Q. It’s a little heavy, but it works. You have to chop off his hands and feet before it’s balanced, though.

Q’s foot.

I use a little toy called a Crazy Bone. A Crazy bone is the best Counter Weight, cause its a little plastic figure like an inch tall, which is the best for 5a, cause you can slip the slip knot over it, and when your done with 5a, you can just slip the slip knot out in 1 second. Its SO Much eaiser that way… Did I mention you can buy them at the Toy Store for $1 a Pack? :smiley:

I looked these up and actually I like the idea. Good tip Cody. I guess the point is though literally anything can be used as a counterweight, so long as you are comfy with it.

That’s a perfect counterweight! Or you can just use some BUTTAAAAAAAHHH

Oh god no please.

so… im 23 years old… when i was younger, around 13ish. i played with thease a lot and collected a lot… you are the only other person who i have ever heard spoken thease words in my life. i wonder why this is

bouncy ball

Dice and the panda

Duncan yellow ball

Me. (I’m too afraid to damage my throws)

My EXACT words. Nobody has heard of those things.