starting 5a


i have a dibase and useing some small object like a mlp blindbag figure and it not working, also can you reccommed what counter weight to use like a dice or a ball also if you can show me how to make one out of house hold object, also if i can get it here or somewhere plz and thank you


Do you have a bouncy ball? Try (carefully) poking a hole through it with a nail, while wiggling to make the hole larger. That might suffice as a counterweight. You can also probably find a Duncan 5A yoyo at Toys R Us. Those come with a counterweight and are pretty good for starting out.


If you go to toys r us they should at least have a freehand 2. i recently bought a metal drifter and it came with a counterweight and it is lots of fun to play with


Legos :smiley:


I find that two 16mm dice with holes drilled in them are a pretty good weight for 5a. A little heavy, but hey. You can find them pretty much anywhere.

Other than that, you might as well place an order for a set of duncan counterweights off of YYE. You get two dice and a bouncy ball. While I personally prefer the dice, you might like the bouncy ball.

You wouldn’t use a makeshift yoyo, so don’t use a makeshift counterweight!


I like the squirrel head from the Duncan flying squirrel and the dice.


so would a bouncy ball with a hole dill and the hole lined with a pen tube work


cant hurt to try! :wink: and yeah it should work.