One time i was yoyoing and i got hit in the face it was funny let me know if that happens to you haha!

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Ahhh nope…never… being the child I was…I learned to “DUCK” at a very early age! ;D


Yep it’s happened to my the top of my head but no my face yet


You must be new. This topic comes up once a month or so. :wink:


Yep. I’ve done it about 3 times with my dv888. Never split the atom too close to your face or you’ll just split your nose!


** four as of 10 minutes ago.


It happened to me today, ironically doing split the atom. So much for being a model… :frowning:


Yup. I believe the latest one was with a YYF One. Even thought that thing is relatively light, it HURT.

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I feel like I post this picture a lot oh wait I do


Dv888 hit my braces while I was talking to my friend at club. (Got a scratch on dv)
get smacked in the knuckles pretty hard every couple days.
Got smacked in the head and eyes with Duncan dice while doing 5a.
Been hit in the crotch a couple times over the years.
So, yeh I do have some stories.


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chicks dig yoyo scars


Really? Is that true? If it is it seems Pat Condon is sittin’ pretty! Don’t ever let that heal Pat, it’s apparently a chick magnet.


Yeah chick magnet the only way one would say it’s a chick magnet is if you said you were in a fight with some random dude


Or you could say that you were in a fight with a man who was 6’8 and you used your handy-dandy yoyo to smack in him the face and than did a perfect double suicide as he was falling to the ground.

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My t-shirt says otherwise


i want that shirt

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Um… getting hit in the face is a daily ritual for me, kinda like washing my face from everything that is not pain.

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This guy’s story had me rolling on the floor though.