Store loyalty and associated guilt...

Have any of you been so loyal to one store ( or online store? ) that if you shop elsewhere for new stuff you have a guilty feeling for not supporting you favorite or go to store?

I love YYE and have looked around but always come back not buying elsewhere but sometimes I see something somewhere else and would love to own it but generally pass because thigs keep me comin back to André and his crew since the have been over the top good to me.

So it’s hard to not feel bad if I’m buying new if I’m not buying from YYE. So I wonder if there is a solution maybe could the guys get the other item In stock or do you think there is and issue with shoppin elsewhere of its a specific item that isn’t stocked here?

Thanks for reading and maybe I can come to heads and tails on this and find the happy medium I it’s really love everything thing about YYE and want my money to line their pockets so they can keep their doors open a little longer (not that my orders are of so much money that it makes a huge difference but I like to speak with my purchasing dollars) and continue to bring us the best they have to offer!

Thanks for the input and ideas if you have any to add :slight_smile: .

yeah it’s the same for me for YoYoExpert cause I can’t find better Yoyo prices.

I go where the money goes. If another store offers free shipping and the same product YYE has I’m going to the store with free shipping. But other then that I pretty much just BST.

Once shipping is factored in, YYE has the best prices for me anyhow. But even if they didn’t, loyalty would definitely keep my business here for small price differences. Significant price differences and I have to do what’s better for my finances. :wink:

Mainly, I don’t even visit the other stores unless I want to buy something simply not available here, like Buddha bearings.

YYE has earned my business and shall continue to keep getting it whenever it makes sense (which is almost always). I’m sure Andre and the crew would not have “hurt feelings” from customers who shop at other stores as well as YYE. :wink:

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I feel almost the same about YYE. It is a great site and place to talk to people, learn tricks, and get great yoyos.

Ever since I started yoyoing I’ve been shopping at YYE. But since BobbyJoes came around it’s been about equal business. I love both stores.

It’s just whoever has what I need in stock.

Just ordered some kitty string with free shipping at another store.



Yes. Its like me… Kind of… I like the idea of the yye trading cards and know yye has excellent customer service so Im notgoing to buy from a different store to save $5 for shipping… but theres some stores that have more and bigger sales on certain throws than yye, and if thats the case, I’m going to buy from that store. Theres also obviously stores that have stuff yye doesnt, like MYY and buddha bearings. But like Mdev, I’m mainly a bst guy, stores are more for accessories and the occassional yoyo.

I like the idea of always ordering from yye because I think they deserve some loyalty for hosting this forum, but I often don’t. I clearly have the same issue as others with availability of certain throws/accessories, but in the recent past I haven’t bought from yye for two different reasons. The first is actually a function of yye success, simply that I’m not prepared to scramble for a throw having waited at the computer watching a countdown, and so things I would have purchased have been sold out here. Occasionally these things are still available from other stores later and so I have bought those instead.

Secondly, I’m not much of a social media fan. I despise Facebook from the very heart of my bottom. And so I’m normally utterly clueless when a yoyo will become available, or whether it will be at yye or not, so there have been a couple of times I’ve picked up a throw elsewhere only for it to become available at yye and I never knew. There used to be a great thread with a lot of upcoming release info in it but it seems defunct these days.

nope. if i find it cheaper at some other store, i buy it from some other store.

I enjoy participating on the YYE forums and using the BST but when it comes to retail purchases I will go with the best value. If the YYE store has the item I want at the same price as any other store I will be loyal to YYE because I like the site and the owners seem like cool people. If I can save money by buying it anywhere else I will certainly do so.

I haven’t bought a new yoyo from a retailer in a few years, so thankfully, I can’t relate :slight_smile:

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I’ll go with YYE if I’m putting in a big order and they have all the stuff I want at comparable prices but for smaller orders, the shipping cost gets to be a bit too much (sometimes more than the value of the actual order) so I go elsewhere.