Store Filters?


I think it would be a nice feature to be able to search for throws by certain specs. Why not add the ability to search by diameter, width, weight, etc? :slight_smile:


I think this feature would be awesome.

However, it would be a non-trivial amount of work. I’d be curious to see what the store DataBase structure looks like; this will determine how much of an undertaking it would be. :wink:


Yeah also price filters would be amazing.


I’d say if one is going to go through the effort to do a sort based on specs, might as well sort based on price as well. Bring up size results, then sort by price.

I’m sort of glad I’m not terribly picky. I see something, and I can often tell these days “yes/no”. However, I know some people have very particular preferences and I see these sort options as being very useful fr them. When you save someone time, you show that you respect them and their time, which equates to easier sales.

For me, this is a leisure activity. I expect to waste my time playing, searching and choosing. I can simply choose to NOT take advantage of such features. However, I will admit, if the features are there, I will use them and they’ll probably get me to buy stuff.