Stopped yoyoing in ‘08 - here’s my collection frozen in time!

Here’s my collection after some MAJOR downsizing before life just got too busy. From left to right, top to bottom:

Row1: 2 CLYW Shark v Zombie Beaver Bear vs Man’s, X-Yo X-mas edition Xcalibur, Anti-Yo Eetsit, Anti-Yo Fluchs, Tom Kuhn No Jive Mandala 6

Row2: Takeshi modded Duncan FH Zero, YYF G5, YYF 888, Dif-e-Yo World’s (think 2007?) edition X-Bones

Row3: Crucial Milk 2%, Yoyo Joca (a small yoyo maker in South America; I then had it painted), HSpin Pyro, YYF Fast 401k (White hardcoat)

Lol I also realized I apparently thought of coming back and made a username here in ‘12. This was of course, to my GREAT disappointment, after finding out that Yoyonation was no longer a thing. I swear, that forum was like a second family to me and I shopped almost exclusively from there.


Welcome back! There are a lot of super nice and helpful folks around here. I’m a recent member of the forum and I’ve been really happy with how welcoming and awesome everyone has been.

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Thank you sir! Yeah I definitely seem lost all over again. SO many new brands and such that I have no clue about. Honestly I’m probably just going to try and sell as much of my old collection as I can and look at some new things.

Welcome back, and I hope your wallet is ready :money_with_wings:


Welcome back, that is a stellar collection of some classic desirables.

Great collection! That’s a pretty uncommon 888 you have. That was a YYN exclusive. You had to get a special link from them to purchase if I remember correctly. It’s gold with a rougher feeling hard-coat on it. Very nice.


Yup, bead blasted. Lol not much of a collector anymore, so once I reach “Trust Level 1” (not a clue what that is) I’ll be selling most, if not all, this collection on the BST. Use to be into collecting but I lost interest in it. I just want one or two for playing.


There are quite a few yoyos there that should do well on the BST. You may want to post that pic in the appraisal thread to get some ideas of value.


Interesting! So long as they don’t get annoyed that I post almost every Yoyo I have…

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Lol no one’s gonna get annoyed. That’s what it’s there for! :slight_smile:


Hmmm, looks pretty similar to mine. Good stuff. :+1:

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It’s a feature of this forum software that helps to cut back on spam and scams. The more time you spend interacting and contributing to the community, the more “trusted” you become; which opens up certain tools and features that could be misused or abused by spammers and trolls.

It also gives new users time to get use to the structure of the community and the way it functions before they jump in head first.

Keeps things a little cleaner.


Those 2 bear versus man are soooooo tempting. This is why I need to stay off the forums.

thats a sick 401k espionage

I know svbz people want. $120+ if mint

That gold 888 it’s an 07 special ED right? If mint $150 at the least maybe $175

Also anti yo s are making a comeback: hard to keep mind the coating isn’t very resistant but if close or mint $170ish maybe $200, a mint bapezilla $250np

even the milks might be worth $75ish

You sanded your aqua 07888?

Too bad but still maybe you could get $100-125 for it. No n sanded easy $150+ if mint, highwall prob $250 lol

you sure locked up the good Yoyo s that appreciated in value !an!

Welcome back.
I pretty much did the same thing few weeks ago and sold all my ‘07 collection.
Good luck with your selling.

@Huiyoyo there is a special edition 888 being sold here. Thought you might be interested.




good lookin out, pmd!

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Thank you , that 888 is hardcoat edition sold in YYN, I have that one yet .

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Those antiyo are long gone. I pmd him already about them