Stop-and-Gos... I'm afear'd


The worst string burn I ever got was from doing a stop and go. I’m terrified of them now, but I just love how they look.

Is string burn typical for stop and go, or am I an anomaly? What are the techniques to prevent them?

So a-scared of’em…


What?! I have no problems with stop n go with any yoyo, but I think it because all I own is high performing plastic yoyos.


I always get string burn from a trapeze stop and go thing… It might be called a stall… So, yes, string burn is normal. Use tape to stop it.


Right hand throw, using index finger of the left hand to catch the string? Try pinching the string. I use my index and middle finger to avoid the string to move. That way you won’t get string burn. I think… 8)


Stop and Go is easily my favorite beginner/responsive trick. Very impressive to non-throwers!

Anyway, I have NEVER gotten string burn from it, nor have I ever even thought about string burn in relation to the trick. You must be sliding the string really hard over your NTH index…just practice, practice, practice, and you will train yourself to do it a fashion that will not allow your finger to get string burned.


I USED TO get some doing stop and go but then I realized that I don’t really need to move my non throw hand, but what I’m REALLY terrified of is boomarang I don’t know why, but I can never do it without getting a finger burn, which sucks :confused:


Same here. Plus I don’t really think that the trick is that cool. I would much rather do Eli Hops. Not worth shredding my finger for a trick I don’t really like, LOL.


I don’t move my NTH at all; it’s the pulling on the TH to “restart” that’s burning me. Once the strings come free, the yoyo is just hanging over your finger. Pulling quickly on that string will slide the string along the finger!

Pinching is something that always occurs to me, but something about it is making the trick look kinda choppy.

Redneck: it’s the “practice practice practice” part that I’m afraid of. :wink:


Try pulling more down then back. I never got string burn from Stop and Go. What really scares me are fast-swinging neck wraps. A couple times of being struck in the head has been enough to make me pretty nervous.


LOL, today must be “Call Out my Redness Day”. So far, two users have called me “redneck” today, and nobody has ever done it before today.

Anyway, do you have finger wrap or a glove or anything like that? I assume you don’t (like me) if you made this thread. Try to pull more straight down. If you have something really responsive (i.e. FAST 201) use that, it helps.


I tell you whut… I’ll giver a given’er…


Hahaha - wait, aren’t you Canadian? LOL


I’ve never gotten a string burn from it, but boomerang…ouch. I asked my mom for a band-aid just so I could say “sports related injury” when she said “what for”