Stop and Go

Do I really need to learn Stop and Go? I’ve just completed all of the Beginner Tricks(yes, I suck). I know that Stop and Go is a good trick to use in combos but Do I really need it? I’m using a New Breed (Yes i can bind without a problem) and having alot of trouble with it because of the New Breed Being Unresponsive. Please Help. :-\

It’s impossible to do with an unresponsive yoyo. You would have to heavily lube your New Breed for it to be responsive enough to do it. I would suggest skipping it until you get a yoyo you don’t mind being responsive. (Or one that is made to be responsive, like a FHZ)

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Ok. Thanks. But i have a Kickside as well… But I Thick Lubed it a little when I didn’t know how to bind. 100% Polyester String if that matters. :stuck_out_tongue: « My Kickside.

WRONG! You can’t do it the way andre shows on an unresponsive yo, but you CAN do it.

  1. throw a breakaway and have the yo hang (if you do it from a front throw, the ripcord move would be upside down)
  2. turn (your body) toward your NTH so that its as though you threw it front style
    3)go into braintwister mount.
    4)move your TH close to the yo and pinch the string with your NTH
    5)move your TH up the string and the string will start to go into the yo
  3. the yo may bind by itself at this point, so use your own judgement on when you can make the tug to bring it up. if it binds on its own it may pull the string off your NTH finger and have to start over.
  4. turn your hands around the way andre does in the video and pull. the yo will come out and be in a sleep.

vwalla! unresponsive stop and go.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll have to practice this. I’ll give you a Thank You!