Stop and Go with Full unresponsive??

is it possible, mine doesnt want to go up, any little trick to make it go up, or i really need it to be a little bit more responsive?

they could at least specify it in the tutorial videos

It is possible to do it with an unresponsive yo-yo. Just go into a trapeze from a forward throw instead of an undermount.

I have a trick that involves a stop and go with a full unresponsive yoyo

What you need to do to do a basic one is get 2 wraps around the bearing. one from a trapeze with your non throw hand and one from your throwhand. Its basically the same thing as the stop and go that Andre teaches.  it can totally be done on an unresponsive yoyo.

For the record bearing type wont effect anything. I was using a dry konkave and almost dead cbc pads for that video.

Do the BrainTwister Mount, but this time make the loop longer, then pinch the loop, and roll the yoyo forwards against the loop. This causes a roll up in the gap of the yoyo. Now pull and it’ll come up.

You can also do it by doing a half bind…basicly when u go for a normal bind start binding then stop and pull the yoyo up twards you :slight_smile:

cool (stop and go)

There’s a stop and go gt on YouTube just type stop and go green triangle,or perfect elements and the have the vid along with other tricks =1

have you tried to make the yoyo snag?