No stop, Just go.

So I know stop and go is not anything like an advanced trick, but I really like it.
I think it is pretty cool way to control the yoyo.

However, it is pretty hard to do if not impossible if you don’t have a responsive yoyo.
So, as I have increased the gap and lowered the responsiveness of the yoyo, I can’t do the trick.
I can get it to work sometimes by pulling the strings apart to sort of form a y, but it is not always effective.

Anyway, is there a way to pull off stop and go, with a non-responsive yoyo?

i’ve seen this topic a few times before, but i understand where your coming from.
It IS possible, you just have to do it a different way.

check out this thread. i posted step-by-step instructions on it some time ago

Thanks! I will have to try it.
Is there a vid anywhere?

there are tons of great stopngos with unresponsive yoyos. you just need to play around with reverse trapeze and find one that works. stopngo is one of my top 5 tricks. i probably do 30/day.