stiff neck


Hurts… Annoying… Tips?

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Don’t sleep weird.


Too late, :-\


Neck pain is the worst. I’ve woken up with a terribly stiff neck four or five times, and each time it’s completely debilitating for a few days. I feel your pain.

Neck pain is difficult to treat. Best thing to do is give your neck a rest, and take some ibuprofen for the pain and to reduce inflammation.


Messaging? heat? Ibprofen? just don’t stick in in a tank of piranhas… it won’t help… just trust me on this one…


That is pretty much what i have been doing, how long does it last?


How did it happen?

I have gotten it from sleeping funny. When that happens, I just gotta wait it out.

I’ve strained myself, usually my arm and shoulder when reaching for something. Wait it out or 800mg ibuprofen works for me. Sometimes I just move funny and this happens.

I recently had a bacterial infection on one side. The doctors said it wasn’t bad enough to treat, and it did go away a couple of days later, otherwise, it would be anti-biotics.

Skeletal? Get an X-ray and see how to proceed. This can be anywhere from a slightly out of aligned disc, ruptured disc, minor break or major break. Ain’t to be fooled with. This is definately a “no yoyo” time until you have a real diagnosis.


Sleeping funny I think, I’m on the second day, how long do you think it will last?


Aleve and bengay/icehot.


Sure, here’s my tip. Don’t come to a yo-yo forum to seek medical advice. The people offering suggestions and medicinal doses have no idea of any medical conditions you may or may not have.

If you are truly concerned consult a physician.


At least webmd.

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You need a good pillow, a good chair and a good physical attitude. Taking painkillers will work as a temporary relief, but not more than that.

Ibuprofen is an interesting painkiller with some hilarious (and some really serious) side effects, most of which are really uncommon. I think the only one I’ve really felt is the diarrhea (which today is my main reason for avoiding as much medication as possible). My favorite side effect (this sounds really disturbing) is headache. I just find it funny how something people often take against headache, has a chance of causing headache.

Some of the more serious stuff I found while reading through the list was toxic epidermal necrolysis, which can cause 100% loss of skin surface. This one is tough to get though, the Norwegian list puts it under one in a million.

Wow this post turned out to be long and completely irrelevant.

Reading lists of side effets is probably my weirdest interest.


Send it to me and I’ll fix it.


I’m sorry if i was out of turn, i was just wondering if anyone had tips, thanks all! my neck is hardly hurting now.


I could have fixed it sooner.


The next time I have a stiff neck I will send it to you!