Shoulder pain from separated shoulder

Hey guys I just signed up to ask this. I wrecked on my bike in November last year and Received a grade 3 separated shoulder, I just recently picked up yo-yoing again and it has been killing my shoulder especially throwing a breakaway. Do you guys know any method to help my shoulder?

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Just look at George Washington. He never even went to college and look where he ended up.

Well after about 3 throws it makes me want to drop to my knees, And I’m a pretty big guy.

Just rest it, it’ll heal faster… might not be the Georgy way but oh well.

Maybe I hope it will help even if it has been almost a year since I wrecked

My wife who is a medical professional told me that you need to stop yoyoing with that arm, and you need to do lots of stretches and maybe a little bit of strength-building exercises. If you do throw and get that kind of pain, use Motrin and Ice (cycle ice on for 20 min, off for 20 min) on it to help with pain and swelling. The stretches will help regain muscle range and flexibility so you wont get hurt as much and the Motrin and ice will help with the pain if you strain something. If it continues see a doctor.

In the mean time you can try learning to use the other arm :frowning: or possibly try to do the breakaway with just a wrist snap and no shoulder movement. It will give you a weaker throw but you might be able to do it, it will depend on the injury.

I hope it works out for you. I know if I had an injury that stopped me from yoyoing it would be tragic :(. I’ll pray for you.


Thank you I will try the ice and Motrin. I am also a weight lifter so maybe I can switch up my workouts to help it.

Instead of consulting the oracle known as the internet for medical advice which as we all know always leads to you having brain cancer :smiley: . You probably really should stop if it is hurting that bad and go see a doctor or physical therapist ( or both ) to make sure you aren’t actually doing long term damage to that joint.

I would say look into stretches and exercises that increase your range of motion , yoga really really helps with stuff like this as long as you have a competent instructor that knows what they are doing and not some wackjob hippie that got took a weekend training seminar and got a certificate. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen weight lifters get conned into going to a yoga class and go into it thinking its easy and come out hurting ( in a good way ).

But yeah, if it hurts that bad, I would stop using that arm and seek medical advice, or else -

ill pray for you too

I’ll pray for you as well, perhaps you should try throwing with your opposite hand? That aside it sounds like you need to back away from that part of the hobby. Take up modding? Did you do physical therapy? It’s an absolute necessity. I wouldn’t even have use of my right hand if I hadn’t had my wife badgering me into it.

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As has been said, as well as physical therapy and talking to a medical professional, try and find a way of throwing a breakaway that causes as little discomfort as possible. If this isn’t possible then you can always just throw a front throw and then step behind it to be in the same situation as a breakaway, or do what Sanchez and Alexis JV do and throw all your tricks from a frontstyle throw.

There’s no reason this should stop you throwing, you just have to find a way of working around it whilst getting professional help.

Thanks for all the replies guys, I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow to have it checked. I did not do therapy the doctor never even brought it up? I’ll post what the doctor says tomorrow

General life tip: Don’t take serious medical advice from the internet.

It’s great that you’re going to see the doctor. They will know the best course of action.

I wish I could agree, but I honestly can’t. My experiences with medical professionals has left a LOT to be desired.

Q: What do you call the guy who graduates medical school at the bottom of his class?

A: Doctor


Use your other arm lean your non throw hand throw, and get in to see a doc. :wink:

Rip start?

Well the doctor went ahead and scheduled a surgery for it looks like ill be out for a while. :’(

Good luck with that bud, What part needs work?
This is the time where you develop your non throw hand into your throw hand. It won’t take as long as you think.

The Bicep tendon is almost completely torn they want to stitch it together