"Sticky" DV888


Ok, so I have had my DV888 for a while now, and it has been feeling kinda “sticky”. Like, it doesn’t grind as well and it feels somewhat dirty/sticky. Is there any way to make this go away? Could I use a wet paper towel to wipe it off, then dry it with a dry paper towel? Would that work? Could it damage the ano? I would make sure that the bearing area wasn’t getting wet, so that wouldn’t be a problem.



Water doesn’t damage ano at all. It’s just water. I wouldn’t rub hydrochloride acid on it, but water, apple juice, saliva, ocular fluid, oil, and any other gentle substance won’t affect it at all.


You could use a wet paper towel or even Windex on a paper towel to clean it off. The only thing to be careful of is to try to avoid getting any into the bearing and the response pad. It takes a lot to harm anodizing so don’t worry about that. You’re not going to be using anything like oven cleaner, so your risk is very minimal.

You might also want to consider if the bearing might need to be examined. That’s another area I would check out as well.


Lens cleaning wipes


I certainly wasn’t planning on rubbing hydrochloride acid on it, LOL.

I think I will stick to water, too, LOL.


Why should I check out the bearing? I replace the string and lube it every couple days, not to mention I knot it at least once a day usually, so I think the bearing is fine. What relation does that have to the yoyo being sticky?


I wipe off all my yoyos every couple weeks with lens cleaning wipes


The bearing might have gotten sticky and responsive.


I have no problems with it being responsive. It is completely unresponsive, in fact, it’s one of the most unresponsive throws in my collection.


If you’re lubing the bearing every couple of days, that’s about 43 to 58 days too frequently between lubing.


So you lube your bearings only about every six weeks??? Wow.


Ok, this is weird. I picked up the DV888 and the stickiness felt pretty much gone. This has happened before. I think it is kinda on and off. Confusing…


It’s probably the weather. Depending on the type of anodizing, some yoyos feel sticky when it’s humid/hot outside. I’d say this is probably what is happening to your yoyo, since it IS summer right now. Also, make sure your hands aren’t dirty/sticky/sweaty. Hope this helps!


I get the same problem, try wiping down the throw with a moist paper towel, drying it off. Then what I do is wash my hands with either dawn dish soap or liquid soap, then I change my string and the problem is usually gone. It’s weird, but the humidity really messes with everything xD


EyeGlass Cleaning Cloth + Drill

Chuck it to the drill and clean the surface with wet cloth or paper towel.


I Dry Play treat my bearings. I’m only having to deal with them maybe once a year.

But, if you insist on lubing, a pindrop on a ball, worked in, will last a month or more easily. A very little bit of lube goes a very, very, very long, long, long ways.