Cleaning a Yoyo

Hey guys. Well, my Summit is feeling sort of “greasy” and I was wondering what I should use to clean it. I am asking because I do not want to hurt the ano. Thanks in advance:)

Soap and water won’t damage anno at all.

Anno is actually pretty tough, unless you’re using something like oven cleaner.

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Use some dishsoap like Dawn since it’s feeling greasy. Just take care to remove the bearing first, maybe the axle too and try to not get the response wet so the adhesive won’t fail(it may not have any effect).

Anodizing is tough, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Thank you for helping. I will try these out.

I personally use windex, adds a shine and is easier to clean off then dish soap and water. Also, i belive onedrop acually windexes their yoyos before shipping them.

My process:

  1. Unscrew yoyo, and remove bearing.
  2. Trying not to get it into the pads and bearing seat, spray the yoyo with windex
  3. Wipe off and dry with a glasses cleaning cloth.
  4. Screw components back together

Greasy? Use Clorox wipes. Just want to dust off? Use baby wipes.

Get some windex or get monkey finger buff.

Cheapest solution:

Alchohol lens wipes