What do you use to clean the surface of your yoyos?

So after a good while of playing a yoyo, it eventually becomes grimy and gunked up with your skin oils plus whatever else may have been on your hands while playing.

So what do you use to clean them and get them back to pristine quality? Baby wipes? I am guessing soapy water is a big no-no. I dont want to take off the finish at all so I want to stay away from polishes or anything abrasive.

Please advise!

I don’t tend to bother. But if a yoyo gets truly gunky (maybe my kids are picking it up with their grubby little mitts too often), yes I use soap and water. Nothing wrong with that. Use a cloth, don’t just send it for a swim. Avoid getting soapy water into the response area.

Chances are, you don’t have to clean all the way down to right near the response area anyhow, so if you’re using a cloth that’s not TOO wet, you don’t even need to disassemble the yoyo.

All pretty common sense stuff, but worth mentioning I guess. :wink:

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Soap and water works fine. For more stubborn stuff I use rubbing alcohol or zippo lighter fluid. Lighter fluid will generally not hurt the finish.

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Rubbing alcohol. Dries quick. Will take most anything off.

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Soap and water, but usually I have the silicone pads removed.

I don’t clean them

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I’ll use rubbing alcohol on a microfiber once in a while, and follow that up with a coat of MonkeyfingeR Buff that I let sit overnight before I actually buff it off. Makes the colors look wet, almost, and gives the surface a great feeling

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Sometimes I wipe the dust off with my shirt.