I have a question


My Summit’s finish has this really weird feel to it. Like it is sticky. Would it be ok if i removed the response and put the yoyo under running water to wash it off? Or would that be bad for it?

(Owen) #2

just take a cloth and rub it good (While its still screwed together) sometimes yoyos do that, it has to do with humidity and such.


Does the cloth need to be wet?


I would try it dry first. If that doesn’t really work use a damp one. Not to wet though


A little soap and water never hurt a yoyo. Take the bearing out and have at it. Otherwise a damp cloth will work well too.


Someone threw your yoyo after they ate a Popsicle…

Try a cloth first like everyone said, if it doesn’t come off use a damp-wet-soap…

But I wouldn’t soak\rinse it…

And make sure you dry the axle hole…