How do I clean yoyos?

I’m not talking about the bearing. I’m talking about the actual body of the yoyo. For example, I spilled soup on my YYF CZM8. How do I clean it?

Lick your toy yoyo clean, there are starving kids in Africa.

Just use a paper towel and dampen it. Wipe it off and your good to go.

Get some MonkeyFinger BUFF and be good to go for a WHILE. 8)

If this is more what you are talking about, I just use turtle wax (the stuff you use on vehicles).

I love this stuff. First thing I do with any metal yoyo I get is BUFF it. :slight_smile:

Nothing exotic needed. Soap and water works just fine to clean soup off of a yoyo. Cleans your dishes fine, right…

Do I take the bearing off while cleaning it?

Yes remove the bearing. You could clean it too - with solvent of some sort. Look here if you need info:
Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Wet a piece of tissue with thinner or lighter fluid and wipe away.

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soap and water for only the cups… remove axle and bearing.
dry well, assemble all and go fun!

ask this guy.

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wow! which video!