Yoyo Cleaning.

my yoyo recently got some mud in it from playing outside. and i need to clean it but i dont know what the proper way to clean a yoyo. i have a DM2.
so the yoyo itself needs to be cleaned, should i use water to clean it?

and as for the bearing, people recommend Mineral Spirits. but should i just buy a new Center-trac bearing instead? seeing as they cost roughly the same prices. mineral spirit = $7 , CT Bearing = $8.
would cleaning a bearing be better than a new bearing?

I do not know about the bearing, it is probably up to you. But cleaning a yoyo is any different than cleaning something else. I wouldn’t suggest using water, as it could rust, so maybe just rub it off. If I am wrong I am sorry.

Always clean your bearing, no need for a new one every other day. For cleaning off the mud, take the bearing out and use soap and water.

To clean the yoyo, use any common glass cleaner like Windex.

As far as cleaning the bearing, use soap and Dawn, then dry it thoroughly. You may wish to further wash it again using acetone or mineral spirits, then also use the paper method to get any other stuff out of there.

I don’t want to know why the yoyo was full of mud.

How exactly do you get a yoyo muddy? I just use mineral spirits to clean my bearings, and it does a great job.

Remove bearing.
Clean the yoyo with soap and water. Maybe just water. Dry thoroughly.
Clean the bearing w/lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Lube to your preference.

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Some really weird advice in here.

Remove the bearing from the yoyo and use JUST WATER to clean it. Maybe just a wipe down with a wet paper towel. I’d remove the caps first.
Yoyos arent made out of metals that rust, and if they are, theyre plated. The DM2 doesnt have any parts that i can think of rusting, other than the bearing youre removing. Soap has a chance (wont DEFINITELY happen, but a chance) of causing your pads to not stick into your yoyo anymore.

RE: mineral spririts. a new bearing is probably going to run you 10 bucks shipped. that 7 bucks worth of mineral spriits will clean your bearings for years. you dont need a whole bottle per bearing. Your bearing is worth cleaning, dont waste money.

thanks for the advice guys.
i decided to gently rinse it through warm water and it seemed to do it well.
i think my yoyo plays better now, but it seemed to washed the red gasket silicone a bit and made binding a bit sloppy. i guess i’ll have to re-silicone my dm2, it was needing replacing anyways.