how to clean one drops

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i just got a code 2 but i do not know how to clean it please help me :slight_smile:


What exactly do you mean by clean it? Is the yoyo dirty or are you refering to the bearing?

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the yoyo is dirty


Take the bearing out. Wipe it down with a cleanex or wet napkin. Try not to get any fluid on the response. Make sure you dry it…

How did you get it dirty?

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my freind was playing with my yoyo over mud and he drop it in mud


Take the yoyo apart and take out the bearing and SE’s Wipe id down with a cotton towel with windex… This is how One Drop cleans their yoyos before shipping. Let the yoyo dry and put back together. I do it to all my yoyos after a while of play…


Yup, windex works great on cleaning yoyos.

You might have to use cotton swabs to get in the grooves, bearing seat, and side effects, etc.


Remove everything and use dish soap to scrub it in your hands. Dry well and reassemble.


My windows are dirt they arent clean how do I fix???

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How rude, but true.


Get a nice big wire brush, then scrape all the mud off


Do this. It won’t scratch your yoyo, if that’s what you were thinking.

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ok thanks


Take a show with it :wink: That should clean it!


There’s this too