cleaning a throw


is there anyway to clean a throw without using buff? i take a q-tip to mine ever so often,just to remove dust and lil bits of fabric inside the rims and hub due to my case. but i wanted to now if there is a way to actually clean a throw (disinfect) without ruining the ano or jeopardizing an axle or bearing.(which i know i could remove them, but i have problems with some, and it becomes a headache to try and remove them.)
i just feel like they need a bath of somesort, help me!


Soap and water.


It’s going to be hard without removing the bearing.

That ano is actually not a big deal, you can just clean it with soap and water. But if the bearing is still attached, you may ruin it.

I would say a damp cloth would work pretty well for while the yoyo is assembled. That way you don’t get the bearing wet.


How about using a clorox wipe?


see i was thinking that,but i wasnt sure if there would be some odd chemical reaction, that could hurt the ano.ive got plenty of clorox wipes,so that may just be my answer


I’d avoid it if it’s an actual bleach wipe. If it’s for hands etc, it’s probably ok. My preference for cleaning is soap and water, rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid. I always remove the bearing when I clean a yoyo unless I’m just wiping down the outside.


heat it up in an oven or boil it in water killing bacteria. or you could do what the other people said.


Soap and water is prob the safest but alcohol on a qtip should work without damaging the ano. Buff actually works pretty good and a $5 jar will last a lot longer than you would think as u don’t need much.

The wipes are prob fine as well as most windex but If your worried experiment on a throw that is already beat up or you don’t care about. That way if something happens you won’t hate yourself after the fact.

If done right ano should be pretty resilient unless using abrasives or harsh chemicals.


Kids, don’t try this at home.